Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Keratinology by Sunsilk [Haircare's Products]

[Event + Review on the Advanced Reconstruction series]
Back in January(before CNY) I attended the Keratinology's bloggers event at Novus Restaurant & Bar.

Keratinology - Repairs up to 1 year of accumulated damaged in just 5 days.

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"Because of its size, the Keratinology range can reach even the tiniest cracks in hair fibres and reconstruct hair from inside out." -Peter Bailey, Unilever Global Product Design Leader

Keratinology have 3 ranges for different hair problems....
Advanced Reconstruction - For nature hair
(Suitable for dry to oil hair)

I was provided a press kit for this Advanced Reconstruction series- and I really really love it!! I have been sharing the whole set with my sister (The shampoo and conditioner use up pretty fast - cos I've repurchased twice already!). They should come out with a bigger bottle!!

On oily hair::
I have very oily scalp with abit dry tips
  • This shampoo doesn't feel too rich
  • Easy to lather onto my scalp.
  • After a day from washing, my hair doesn't feel heavy, limpy and my scalp doesn't oil up too fast too.
  • My scalp feel nice and didn't clogged up (hence no itchy feels).
  • After the first use(yes, I mean it), the tip of my hair feel much smoother (just on the last 3cm of my hair tips)
  • The whole range have a mild, sweet floral scent, which last quite long.
From the mirror, I know it doesn't look much different, but it does feel so much smoother and look abit more healthy after afew days. By just using the shampoo and conditioner.

Most conditioner and hair mask will made my hair look and feel oily after a few hours from washing.. but this range doesn't!

This is the first time I can use conditioner everyday! (Last time, I don't really use conditioner - maybe once or twice a month or everyday for the first 2 weeks after bleaching my hair.)

The hair mask, really show instant result!! My hair feel smooth and soft.

I tried the dual shot treatment once - it doesn't make my scalp itchy nor causing my hair to oil up fast - BUT, my hair was so neat that it look tooooooo FLAT! (it's like flat ironing my hair!!! [I prefer abit of volume on my hair so that my face wont look too HUGE! lolx)

(Note: All products except shampoo - I only apply it on mid-length. try not to let the products touches the scalp because all hair treatment products will clog pores - unless it treatment product for scalp!)

On dry hair::
My sister have really dry, fluffy and frizzy hair  - she say that this shampoo doesn't make her hair feel too dry after washing (which is pretty ok for her) and she notice that her super dry hair does feel less brittle and dry. She spam on conditioner(lolx) and hair mask.

Beside, she love the Advanced Reconstruction Dual Shot Treatment - She told me that the oil (step 2) is the key for smoother hair!

I really recommend this set of haircare products - it does promise what they sell!!

The result show up faster on oily hair >> ME <<  then dry hair... my sis said she start to notice her hair feeling nicer was about a week of using (We both wash our hair everyday).

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Korean Bounce Therapy
[For perm- curls hair - NOT natural curls]

Sun-kissed Color Therapy
For Colored Hair

They also came out with an app called "Keratinogram by Sunsilk" to help you plan your treatment.

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Alright- back to the event...
They created 3 cocktails according to the Keratinology's ranges.

Not a fan of carrot soup - it's just too sweet for me!

Pics... All taken from the facebook page

Was provided a set of Advanced Reconstruction series..

Price Lists...
Advanced Reconstruction Detoxifying Shampoo (200ML) SD$11.90
Advanced Reconstruction Express Treatment Conditioner (200ML) SD$11.90
Advanced Reconstruction Hair Spa Mask (200ML) SD$21.90
Advanced Reconstruction Overnight Reconstruction (100ML) SD$19.90
Advanced Reconstruction Dual Shot Treatment (4X2 tubes) SD$22.90
Advanced Reconstruction Heat Protector Spray (180ML) SD$17.90

Korean Bounce Detoxifying Shampoo (200ML) SD$11.90
Korean Bounce Express Treatment Conditioner (200ML) SD$11.90
Korean Bounce Hair Spa Mask (200ML) SD$21.90
Korean Bounce Overnight Reconstruction (100ML) SD$19.90

Sun-kissed Detoxifying Shampoo (200ML) SD$11.90
Sun-kissed Express Treatment Conditioner (200ML) SD$11.90
Sun-kissed Hair Spa Mask (200ML) SD$21.90
Keratinology by Sunsilk is exclusively available at Watsons
Keratinology by Sunsilk Facebook Page

I was invited by The Sample Store and Sunsilk.
I'm not affiliated with both companies.