Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lip Smacker reminisce the good old days - Soda-pop popped caps

Remember I blogged about the launched of Lip Smacker Soda Pop caps few weeks ago?

Check out what they included in the press kit..... toys!!!! Goodies were packed in this brown paper bag...

I believe most of you are familiar with lip smacker, right? So.... so.... so, I'm not going to talk too much and let the pictures do all the talking!! :b

The balm was abit solid, colorless.. but smell oh-so-sweet... loving the Fanta orange scent!! (Aiyaya... I was having alot of fun disturbing Peapea and buibui, I forgot to take lip swatches.. Will edit in soon!!! <3 )

Shuttlecock!!! I can never do more then 2 kicks(fail! lolx)....
Oh ya, I'm pro in 4 stones, 5 stones, 7 stones... I play all kind of "stones"!!!! lolx

Peapea thought the feathers on the shuttlecock are real animal or somethings.. cos he kept jumping off when I shake it or bring it nearer to him!

What is this call???Bubble????

Thanks, Lip smacker for bringing back the good old days.... memories....
Lip Smacker Sada-Pop cap Launch in February 2012
Exclusively available at selected Watsons SG
Price: SD$6.90 each

I misses the triangle shape milk carton so much, always have one pack in the morning before heading to school!!

Disclaimer: Products were provided, I'm not affiliated with the company.