Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lemongrass House Dogs Paw Balm


Not too sure if this is interesting... but as y'all know, I've constantly featuring my furry kids (Peapea and Buibui) here on my blog as part of my "live props" (lolx). And this Lemongrass Paw Balm was kind of a skincare products for them... so it's still fall under the category of "beauty" right?


For the pass week, I have been searching around for a conditional paw balm for buibui since I found out that Buibui's front paws are abit coarse.

I used to purchase a no-brand paw balm at random dog's exhibitions for my late momo(at the time, the price was around SD$10 for a bigger tin as compare to this Lemongrass paw balm).

It's does help in creating friction on his paws (Momo didn't have much friction on his paws and he always slip/slide when he ran or jump). Anyway, I never experience any problems with Peapea and Buibui until recently.

I passes by Lemongrass House yesterday and remember someone blogged about it... so I popped in and walk out with the paw balm in the little cute paper bag!

Oh, I just bought it! So this is not a full review!

This is a fresh handmade spa product for dogs and all the ingredients were pretty harmless.

Ingredients list....

The balm was abit hard, I need to scrape abit out and warm it with my fingers before applying on buibui's paws.

The balm doesn't feel oily nor sticky like vaseline petroleum jelly(the color does look like it right?).

Both Peapea and Buibui love the tomyum scent (it's smell like lemongrass which reminds me of yummy tomyum!)... They will try to lick it off, so I have to hold up their chins for awhile(about a min or two) to let the balm works its magic.

When I applied the balm on my super dry and coarse elbow (as usual, I will try it first :b)... the balm melts into my skin and smooth out the dryness (Really.. right away.. instantly!!!)

Skin feel soothing and a bit of minty sensation. I like, I like~
I wonder whether it will works on human eczema skin condition!!!!

I will try to apply this on Buibui's paws as many times a day(as long as I remember) and see whether it will heal her coarse and super dry paws.

Price: SD$18 (after GST SD$19.25)

Available at all Lemongrass House

Website: lemongrasshouse.com.sg
I got this at 313 Lemongrass House at basement.