Monday, February 27, 2012

[Giveaway] Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes App [ENDED]

[Giveaway Contest]
Recently, Lancome Singapore launched their new Hypnose Doll Eyes mascara (review coming up soon) and NOW they also launch their kawaii girly application  - Hypnose Doll Eyes App on their facebook page.
Lancome Singapore have kindly provided 3 set of goodies for 3 of my followers.

Each set of prize will contain:
->> 1 Ombre Absolu Impact 3D palette (shade may differ)
->> 1 Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara – Deluxe size
For this Giveaway contest, all you gotta do is to create your own Hypnose Doll on Lancome Singapore Facebook under the Hypnose Doll Eyes App.... 

Share it with your friends, lancome facebook page and then paste the image link on the comment section below with your name/email/facebook ID(so that I know that the image belong to you not by copying off from others).

Log on the Lancome Singapore Hypnose Doll Eyes App 


Click "become a doll"
Click "Public" on this so that the image created would be public (if your facebook was set under "friends view only"). 
It's ok if you didn't set anything over here... cos you can just set the privacy of the doll image later on.

Choose you skin tone, hair color, hair style and outfit....

It will take you to a page for you to upload the image of yourself .

Choose your face shape.... reduce the size/face to fit into the face shap... click "clip your doll" it will bring you to a page for you to crop out your eyes, nose and mouth (I forgot to screen cap it!!) and the rest should be easy to follow :)

Terms & Conditions for this giveaway contest...
  •   Must be a follower of my blog
  •  Tag your image on Lancome Page
  •  Right click your image and "copy image location" and paste it together with your name, email and facebook ID on the comment section of this post.
  •  Do remember to set the image to public view
    (or the album that the image was kept to public view)

    No worries, others can't view your other contents except that pic/album(if you create more then one doll images)
  •  IF you do not feel comfortable setting the image "public" on your facebook account.
    You can email me the image(as attachment file) with your onsugar username or GFC nick (so that I know that you are a follower of my blog ^_^)

  •  Do remember to fill in subject as "Lancome giveaway"

Giveaway ends on 18th March 2012
I will pick 3 winners thru

Good Luck and have fun creating a dolly eyes version of yourself ^__^

Here's are the dolls, that I've created...  my undereyes lashes tooooo long!!!! Should have shorten it huh?  lolx

Prizes were sponsor by Lancome Singapore, I'm not
affiliated with the company.