Sunday, January 29, 2012

ZA Eye and Lip makeup remover (Review)

A dual-phase point makeup remover that will removes all types of waterproof and stubborn makeup.

soak up a cotton square....

Cover the cotton square on my eye and leave it for about 60secs or more.

Then lightly move the cotton square in wiping motion(left to right or right to left.. whatever direction you like) to loose up the mascara wax from the lashes before wiping it off.  

It doesn't wipe off completely on the first "soak" especially when the mascara was a super waterproof type. I just use the other side of the cotton square to lighlty wipe/clean off the residues.
Remove colors makeup pretty well.
The cleansing oil was abit too oily. But it does the job at removing waterproof and stubborn makeup.

The oil doesn't sting my eyes.
Doesn't irritation my skin, but the constant wiping was abit stressful for my eye areas (Personally, I don't like using cotton square or cleansing wipe to remove makeup... cos my skin around the eye area is abit sensitive.)

Ingredients List...

Price: SD$12.90
Available at Watsons and John Little SG

I'm not affiliated with the company.
Product was provided for consideration.