Thursday, January 26, 2012

Super tiny eyecreams haul from Korea...

My little eyecream haul from Korea (Thanks Amber!)

2 eyecreams from Nature Republic, some random Leaders masks and one Etude house nail polish.
I also put in some last min order of Etude house products... But.. there wasn't instock(I guess).. anyway save $$$$ lolx
Nature Republic Argan Nutrixer Eyecream [Price :: WON11830]

About Argan Nutrixer Eye Cream
Argan oil is an ancient beauty secret. This oil comes from the nuts produced by the Argan tree, mostly found in the semi-desert areas of southwestern Morocco. It is popular for its nutritional, medicinal, and cosmetic properties.

1. Soften dry, cracked skin.  Argan oil has a very high content of unsaturated fatty acids, even more so than shea butter, making it the perfect all-over face, hand and body moisturizer.

2. Balance sebum production that it does not clog pores.

3.  Argan oil is one of the world's richest natural sources of vitamin E, so is a  great treatment for a variety of  skin conditionsis such as eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, acne, wrinkles and other skin irritants. [Source]

Ingredients list...

Nature Republic Myung Ga Fermented Eye Cream [Price:: WON5450]

About Myung Ga Fermented Eye Cream
Myung Ga skin care line have captured centuries-old wisdom and combined it with the latest scientific research to formulate a unique combination of herbal extracts.

Myng ga line is a series of skincare products designed to moisturize the complexion by minimizing loss of moisture as well as protecting future elasticity-reinforcing activity.

7 kinds of herbal extracts included 5 types of mushrooms contain ingredients to help keep moisture from the skin. Sanghwang mushrooms are a very rare perennial mushroom, which inhabit aged wild mulberry trees growing in alpine regions.

**Ganoderma Lucidum & 7kinds of herbal extracts
Myung Ga Fermented Water Eye Cream is used sap of Ganoderma Lucidum  that is used medicinally in Asia with 7kinds of herbal extracts instead of purifiled water. It can help lubricate and moisten dry areas, as well as stimulates the blood flow under skin layers to regenerate new cell growth while smoothing out fine lines, visibly reducing depth of wrinkles, and diminishing the appearance of dark circles and puffiness under eyes.

**5-Free system :
No paraben, No artificial dyes, No mineral oil, No animal material, No benzophenone

With Oriental ocher water::
Oriental ocher water, which contains fine clay mineral absorbs oil and impurities, and fine clay minerals to the skin by absorbing harmful factors  activates the skin's rhythm of circulation. [source]

Ingredients List (In Korean taken from the website)

Google translated...
Ganoderma extract, dipeupilrengeulrayikol, Lethbridge -26 triglycerides, Caprylic / Capric triglycerides, penta-siloxane cycles, glycerin, cetearyl alcohol, shea butter, the roots extract, Dimethicone, diyisoseuteahril Male Update, peteurolratum, seteahrilgeulrukosayideu, seteahrilalkool, glyceryl stearate, Lille, piyiji -100 stearate, her seed Oh Rick, beeswax, fructose, trehalose, a tree-C14-15 alkyl citrate and bis-D glyceraldehyde phosphate de Lille polyamines, Silas 2, di-C12-13-alkyl Male Update, Hydro No. Yes This federated lecithin, Dimethicone, polysilicon, -11, -13 polyacrylate, polriyisobuten, polysorbate 20, disodyumyi dt A, H DI / tree come methyl t hek real rock Crosspolymer, silica, sodyumhayialruroneyiteu, potassium hydroxide, grapefruit extract, purified water, mung bean extract, byeongpulchuchulmul, huindeulbeoseotchuchulmul, horse chestnut seed extract, cordyceps extract, mushrooms mushroom extract, mushroom extract circumstances, Honey extract, birch extract private seconds, the car mushroom extract, velvet extract, Gold extract, yellow iron oxide, red iron oxide, black iron oxide, caramel, spices.
I also got an eyecream from SASA..
Natio renew radiance eyecream [Price: SD$23.90]


When I swatched this... it feel cooling(not minty type of cooling sensation)... the eyecream does contain alot of mica(very shimmery).. but it doesn't look too obvious on the skin. Tried this for a week now, so far so good!

spread out...

Now, with my existing eyecreams(I'm rotating about 3) plus these new ones(only start using NATIO)... oh and not forgetting the Neutrogena roll on eye cream that I won from the event.

I simiply love trying eyecreams!!!! <3