Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Skinfood Good Afternoon BB cream

[Sharing + New launch]
Around December, when I was browsing Skinfood's Korea Website and saw this interesting range of BBcreams....

I have my mind set on searching for eyecreams back then... so, didn't pay much attention to the bbcreams. (I did hauled 2 eyecreams thru Ming's friend who visited Korean last month and just collected it on Sat.)
So when I saw this range featuring on the Singapore's facebook page last week... I was "wow" by the variety!!
Why?!?!?!?! I didn't read the translate the description back then?????? Else I will (maybe) have 2 or 3 now to try!

A brightening BB cream that creates long lasting bright complexion while evening out skin tones with regular use.
Contains skin brightening apple and detoxifying cinnamon.
(I like that this have a detoxifying factor.. nothing beat detox when come to brightening.)

A hydrating and fitting BB cream that helps maintain a soft, supply complexion throughout the day.
Contains revitalizing rose and hydrating lemon.
(I know lemon is a skin lightening ingredients... BUT at the same time it will darken skin complexion due to it photosynthetic nature. Hmm... feel kinda confusing on this... is this a night time bbcream?)

A moisturizing and glowing BB cream that helps maintain a soft, glowing complexion throughout the day.
Contains moisturizing honey and skin firming red tea.
(Honey and red teas... it just sound soothing to me, Don't you think so??)

An oil controlling and skin mattifying BB cream that helps maintains a fresh matte complexion throughout the day.
Contains vitamin enriched peach and oil controlling green tea.
(This sound quite moisturizing too.. "Peach" is a mouisturizing ingredient! Oil controlling while not forgetting to hydrate the skin.)

A wrinkle smoothing BB cream that fills in the fine lines and helps maintain a vibrant complexion throughout the day.
Contains anti-aging super food acai berry and raspberry.
(Berries contain high anti-oxidant!! Especially acai berry!!!)

Skinfood Good Afternoon BB Cream is available in all Skinfood outlets.
Available in 2 shades

Price: $19.90 each

I should check out the ranges/shades.... when I passes by Skinfood's outlets.

I'm not
affiliated with skinfood... I'm just sharing the information ^_^