Sunday, January 08, 2012

Leaders Insolution AC-Dressing Skin clinic mask


Using natural cellulose sheet for better fitting on the skin with no skin irritation.

My mini review after using the mask for a month(A piece per week)
  • Mask fit nicely on the face(skin)
  • Cooling (feel abit minty but it doesn't sting)
  • Doesn't cause any breaking-out (no skin irritation)
  • Very soothing as it calm the red inflammation bumps. (I have some tiny one on one of my cheek)
  • Complexion look abit brighter and less reddish (noticed the red spots being lighten abit)
  • The texture of my face look soft and much even. (It look hydrated)
  • Not really a moisturizing mask, as I do feel abit "tight" after I wash off the excess serum.
  • Skin feel refreshing and cooling (I prefer to mask my face in AC room- extra cooling! lolx)
  • Skin does feel smooth.. but it doesn't last.
After using it for a month, I do not see any huge changes.
But everytimes I used it, I notice the skin problems I have on that day was minimized... so I can say it does clear up trouble skin problems and preventing it.

I can't say much becos, I do not have crazy break out as much as I used to have ayear ago. My skin is pretty stable with some minor tiny red bumps here and there due to skin irritation or crazy weathers. (But when I do, I will reach out for this mask, as it soothe and calm the redness and pain)

Note: I normally will use toner to wipe off(or wash off with water) the excess of the essence on my skin after peeling off the mask, because I don't like the left over to stay on my skin. Because whatever that needed to be absorb was already absorbed and also to prevent the left over ingredients to cause future damaging on the skin(as some ingredients are photosynthesis')

Remember to apply moisturizer after masking... because, the liquid on the mask is "serum/essence" it's won't hold well on the skin, moisturizer is needed to lock in the goodness. ^__^

Anyway, like I always mentioned on "mask" review... I donno whether is it my skin has been improving or these facial mask sheets have been getting better and better with less skin irritation ingredients. Because, most of the masks I've tried this year and now(2012) are really soothing, nice and didn't have the stinging/burning sensation on my face(where I used to experience on almost all the sheet masks.)

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