Sunday, January 01, 2012

Just another "green" LOTD

I really don't know what I should name this entry... I just wanna show how the Peripera "My Color Eyes’ eye shadow in #31(Green) look on my eyelids. 

Here's the swatches... (I didn't use the yellow color...)

With flash... the color look abit wash off :(

It's a pale frosty green shade.... doesn't feel chalky or fall-out during application. I tried the eyeshadow with various primers (TFSI, MAC paintpot, urban decay Primer Potion and Limecrime eyeshadow helper).. it's doesn't crease easily... BUT, it does creases abit... not so obvious kind.

[[[Side note:: I used to hate using Urban Decay Primer Potion (bottle shape in sample size - I got it from the Alice In the wonderland BOS) cos it's abit wet and it creases like crazy... but I give it another try using the "squeeze tube" version in sample size(got it from the BOS 4)... the texture was completely different!!!! The staying power is really awesome! So... what is the "true" texture of the UDPP?? If it's like the latter, I would love to get the retail size!]]]

Products used:

Hanskin sunscreen
Lancome teint miracle in BO-01
MAC MSF in Light
Limecrime eyeshadow helper
Peripera "My Color Eyes’ eye shadow in #31(Green)
MAC Outre on the crease
Shu uemura cream cheek in sunlight peach
Clio kill black pen liner
Kate Brow mascara
ZA mascara base
ZA Volume Mascara
[Products in blue font were provided by the company]

(Oh I forgot to take pic before heading out, so all the pics above were taken 5hrs later.... the eyeshadow still look fresh.)