Thursday, January 05, 2012

essence ballerina backstage collection and ects...

(I really have no idea what to name this entry -  it's just a tiny purchase)
The week before Christmas, I was around Orchard... so, I check out essence products at NAC Watsons aftering reading tweets about the launch.

All the products cost less then SD$8(each)! Very affordable.
Noticed that not all products have testers, bummer but it doesn't stop me from getting some to try try ^__^
essence bronzing compact powder (Shimmer)..
Price:: less then SD$7

I have no idea why they wanna stick the barcode tag on top of the ingredients list... when I peel it off, the label came off too :(

swatches.... (The shimmers doesn't look too obvious on the face)

essence mattifying compact powder (Got this for my sis)
Price: around SD$7

See... after I peeled off the barcode tag.. (I think this contain Mineral oil.. avoid this if you are sensitive to it)

My sis commented that this shade was abit dark after she tried it.... She still prefer her SANA one.

essence ballerina backstage collection Blush souffle in #01 prima ballerina
Price: it's either SD$6 or SD$6.50


this shade was pretty light... and it doesn't feel oily (Nice texture)

essence stay all day long lasting eyeshadow (cream) in #02 glammy goes to
Price: SD$6

I've tried this... reminds me of Benefits creaseless cream.. but this is abit more "wet/oily"


essence ballerina backstage collection nail polish
Price: SD$3.80

essence color and go nail polish
Price: SD$2.80

Well.. I was abit blurred when I saw the shelving.. alot of eyeliners, mascaras, lip glosses and ects...
I didn't know where to start! Did you all get anything from essence??