Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dove Lathering Oil cleansing (makeup remover)


A makeup remover which is a cleansing oil that pump out like a mousse/foamy texture.

I got this cleansing oil foam during the period where Watsons was having a buy 2 get 1 free on all Dove Products. So it's a good time to try this out. ^_^

First, I wasn't sure whether this would be a good makeup remover, especially for hard to remove "waterproof" mascara... I just don't really trust using anything that was "foamy" to remove mascara.(Feel more like a foamy facial cleanser then a makeup remover)!

From the label, it said that this can dissolves heavy mascara and makeup thoroughly. Can be use on wet hands and face.

If you read my blog long enough, you would know that I LOVE to try out all kind of cleansing oil (beside eyecream and sunblock/cream).. pretty open to any kind (if it's not too expensive). I only love "cleansing oil" that can be emulsify when contact with water.

Don't really like cleansing lotion or milk - because the cleansing power wasn't strong enough... atleast on me.

But I do love makeup remover cleansing gel ... for base makeup (not for mascaras)
OK... here a pic of the label of Dove Lathering oil...

Ingredients list...

The foam was really creamy, shiny(oily) and feel quite dense (I means... not watery and loose). Although the foam look oily, but it doesn't feel oily when I massage the foam on my face.

My Review:
  • I like how the foam feel on my skin, soothing and it feel like it is dissolving the makeup on my skin (I say it feel like)
  • Easy to spread around the whole face without dragging/pulling the skin
  • Cleanse quite well for base(foundation/bbcream) and colors makeup
  • Doesn't remove mascara (not even smudge proof mascara!)
  • Does sting my eyes.. when I trying to remove mascara
  • Doesn't feel any different on skin textures (You know some cleansing oil will make skin feel soft and smooth after removing makeup)
  • Skin doesn't feel greasy after rinising off the cleansing oil foam
  • Doesn't cause any skin irritation (I finished the whole bottle mostly on days when I don't wear mascara)
  • I don't remember much about the scent (I have sinus problems... sometimes, my nose can't smell anything.).. so during the time I'm using this, I don't remember smelling anything weird or too over powdering scent)
Conclusion :
It's work nicely for non-waterproof/waxy type of products(say mascara/lip gloss).
If I wanna a base makeup remover, I will opt for a water base gel cleansing. (For combination to oily skin)...

This might work great for a base makeup remover on dry skin. (Since gel might be abit drying on dry skin).

Price: SD$17.50 (or SD$17.90.. can't remember)
Available at all stores that sell Dove products (Watsons, Guardian, John Little and Fairprice NTUC)