Sunday, January 01, 2012

CLIO Professional

This entry was just showing the products with swatches that I've received in October 2011 (details click here).

Clio Kill Black waterproof pen liner
Price: SD$22.90

I have using this liner for about amonth now... and review will be coming up soon.

Clio Kill Black waterproof Pencil Liner (Waterproof)
Price: SD$17.90

The pencil liner is creamy and easy to swatch on back skin(back of my hand).. but when I use this on my eyelids (ontop of my eyeshadows), it became abit dry and it wasn't as black(intense) as it is without any "eyeshadow".

Swatches of both Pen liner and Pencil Liner...

Gel Liner and Cake eyebrow pot
Price: SD$27.90

Swatches of the gel liner and the brow's powder

Eye Love You!! Shadow pencil in Night Navy #18
Price: SD$16.90

Come with a free sharpener

Swatches from various lighting to capture the pretty shimmery glitters...

Clio Kill volume waterproof mascara
Price: SD$29.90

Have been rotating this mascara with my other mascaras for about 1 months plus now... review will be up soon!

Reviews of each products will be coming up soon...
Happy New Year ^_^