Sunday, January 01, 2012

CLIO Kill Black Waterproof Pen Liner

After using the pen liner for a month plus... it's time for review ^_^

  • The pen liner wasn't as filmy as a typical liquid liner..
  • Dense tip for easy control plus it can draw thick line when I lay the tip flat on the eyelid.
  • Even thought the pen was dense, it doesn't feel harsh or hard on the skin.
  • The "ink" was wet and black.

I love thick liners.. because it will made me look awake plus it lengthen my eyes (I have a short and abit rounded eye shape - which look very small on my chubby huge face. The proportion just abit off... lolx)

My eyelid won't eat up the liner I drew on, except the inner corner.. normally I will avoid drawing any liner in there... cos it won't show up and it will sometimes(depend on the liners) creases and smudge onto my lower lash line.

->> first draw a thin line near my lashes...
->> wing out ... (I use my double eyelid fold crease as the borderliner.)
->> picture how thick I want my liner to look on me and then connect the inner corner to my wing out(on the outer of the eye)
->> Fill in the gap inbetween.

I was abit "heavy" handed when I drew the eyeliner... Oh well, but it show the intensity and how sleek black this pen liner is.

Waterproof and smudge proof... it doesn't smudge all over my under eyes. The intensity remains the same after afew hours of wearing... easy to remove with oil cleanser or cleansing water.

Price: SD$22.90
Available at selected Watsons Singapore

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