Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bidanpo Mediental Clinic Mask - Baek-Myeong MTS Skin Brightening Clinic Mask


I was provided 2 sets of Bidanpo Mediental masks back in Nov/Dec2012.
So, In this entry, I'm going to talk about Bidanpo Mediental clinic masks and review on the Baek-Myeong MTS Skin Brightening Clinic Mask.

First is the write up of the healing masks and the range.
Fermentation aesthetics "Bidanpo Mediental Mask‟ is a brand of oriental medicine skin science born in “Hana Green Oriental Medical Clinic” of the oriental medicine skin specialist majored in Oriental Medicine of Kyung-Hee University.

Bidanpo consist of 2 ranges... treatment and healing masks.

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Here are the details of the 4 range of Bidanpo Mediental Clinic Mask...

And I'm trying this brightening mask..


Step 1 - Serum (the pack can be tear off from the mask pack...) 

The amount of the serum in the sachet... more then enough for the whole face!

The serum feel like a normal slimy serum.. I only need half of the provided serum for my whole face... and the rest I apply on my neck, arms and elbows. After I pat pat pat...  serum absorbed abit... I put on the mask (Woohoo~ the feeling was really shiok!)

I do noticed that if I apply too much of the serum.. I'll have 1 or 2 tiny oil bumps popping out on my cheeks the next day, but it will went away after a day.

The serum might be too rich for my combination skin.. if you have drier or normal skin.. I guess it's alright to apply more serum on the face.

The mask was fully soaked in the yellowish tint medicated serum...

My review after using the masks for 3 weeks (one per week)
  • The Mask fit nicely on my the face
  • Smell and feel refreshing (very herbal-ish scent)
  • Very soothing
  • Doesn't cause any skin irritation.
  • The mask doesn't sting/burn my skin.
  • Complexion look brighter after masking (but it doesn't last till next day)
  • Skin feel soft and smooth(look hydrated)
  • Moisturizing... my skin doesn't feel tight after I rinish off the serum.
I do agree that this is a treatment mask, because I do see a slight visible improvement of skin texture around my lips and inner cheeks... but this is not a miracle mask!

The good result doesn't stay forever if I do not take care of my skin.
Do remember to follow up with moisturizer after masking to prevent the goodness that skin absorbed during the 20mins of masking.

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Available at Sephora ION & MBS
  • Leaders 2Step Masks - SD$75.00 (Box of 10pcs)
  • Bidanpo 2Step Masks - SD$75.00 (Box of 10pcs)
  • Bidanpo Masks - SD$59.00 (Box of 10pcs)

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Masks were provided by Serenity allure for consideration. 
Review was base on my thoughts after trying it out for a period of time.
I'm not affiliated with the company.