Thursday, January 05, 2012

Anna Sui’s Spring Collection 2012

[New Launch]
Anna Sui will be launching their Spring Collection 2012 collection on 20th Jan 2012 in Singapore.
“I have always loved the big antique garden-variety roses, like Cabbage Roses and Bourbon Roses.  I fantasize about owning a country house one day, and planning a formal English rose garden inspired by the work of Gertrude Jekyll.”
Anna Sui

[New] ANNA SUI Rose Cheek Color
Available in 6 sets of shades
Price: SD$51.00

  • A gradation of four colors, ranging from vivid deep hues to soft pastels, are reminiscent of a bouquet of roses
  • Use a single color or create your own original favorite color by mixing the shades.
  • From the moment it touches your skin, roses bloom on your cheeks for a soft, gentle blush
  • Moist Powder Base enhances clear color development and a long-lasting pearly sheen
  • A blend of highly transparent oil-mix and Clear Sliding Powder helps color to retain a dewy, glossy finish

100 Mystic Rose
A bright translucence and luminescence
ice blue, pale lavender, orchid white and misty purple

300 Romantic Rose

Cute with a hint of sensuality
fuchsia pink, rose-pink, sweet pink and shell pink

301 Dreamy Rose

Magical and feminine
hot pink, bright orange, candy pink and peach pink

400 Anna Rose

Passionate, dramatic and bold
bright red, cardinal red, coral pink and pale pink

500 Antique Rose

Retro cool sparkle
reddish-brown, smoky rose, cinnamon brown and warm beige

600 Sunny Rose

Sunshine-kissed pastels
vivid orange, apricot orange, golden orange and champagne beige

[New] ANNA SUI Liquid Eyeliner
3 Shades: 001 Black / 200 Violet / 500 Brown
Price: SD$33.00

Thanks to finely dispersed pigments, the thin cosmetic film allows for deep and even color development and a consistently beautiful finish.
To achieve a range of styles, from delicate fine strips to bold, artistic swipes, the attached brush was developed with the same techniques used for calligraphy brushes.
A sebum- and smudge-resistant film-forming base formula blends in High-Fix Polymer (highly adherent to skin) and fixes drawn lines in place.

Water-resistant and only removed with warm water upon cleansing.

3 Shades
Price: SD$54.00

Two different textures in one product for effortless application.  Blend the vivid rouge color and the shimmering pearl color for constantly changing looks
->> Rouge color
Specially developed cosmetic film formula adheres to lips for enhanced staying power. Moist Rich Oil keeps lips moist and supple.
->>Pearl color
A rich pearly tone for a glossy plump finish

01 Sensual Rose : Devilish bold red mixed with sweet jewel pink. Elegance meets enigma.
Rouge: Cherry Red
Pearl: Crystal Pink

02 Seductive Rose : Captivating rose tones blend with high pearl shine for pure indulgence.
Rouge: Rose Pink
Pearl: Pearly White

03 Prismatic Rose : Fresh and vibrant colour like bright sunlight.
Rouge: Orange
Pearl: Sparkle Yellow

[New] ANNA SUI Cheek Brush
Soft strokes speak loudest with the Anna Sui Cheek Brush
Price: SD$56

In a handy-size and classic Anna Sui motif packaging
Size: 10 cm ;  Brush length: 4 cm

Looks created:
[Left to Right] Modern Pop and Nostalgic Glam

Modern Pop :: 
A modern take on a classic look; subtle warmth meets a new cool.
Energetic orange is not only the new trendy cheek color, it also flatters any skin tone.
  • Apply the lighter shade of the palette(Cheek) on cheekbones brushing inwards, then use the slightly darker shades around the side of the face from brow bone to chin bone.
Nostalgic Glam :: 
Travel back in time for a touch of classic glamor.
Classic glamour with a new rock n’ roll twist is inspired by latest Anna Sui runway look
Anna Sui’s signature red-rose cheek colors are reminiscent of the sexy flush of idealistic youth
  • Apply cheek color around the eye area, allowing your face to blossom with both bright cheek and lip colors.

Disclaimer: Informations were taken off from the Anna Sui Press Kit.