Friday, December 02, 2011

TheFaceShop skincares

[My sister haul and a little goodie for me ^__^]
Today, my sister show me the stuff she bought at TheFaceShop and she spent $300+ (OMY.. On Faceshop!!!!!!! She can get counter brands stuff with that amount!!!! Oh well... she only like "Korean" brand skincares.)... and that was after 10% discount for card members.

Initially.. she only got this set of 3... but the SA just can't stop talking(according to my sis.. and she got lost half way... lolx...)
TheFaceShop Su Hyang Snow intensifying essence, Balancing Fluid(moisturizer) and maximizing gel cream (This set sound wondering!)

Ingredients list... [Click to enlarge]

TheFaceShop Flebote Hydra soft Cleansing foam

Ingredients list..

TheFaceShop Marine Stem cell - cell revive mist toner

Ingredients list...

TheFaceShop Raspberry Roots Sleeping mask

Ingredients list...

TheFaceShop Flebeaute White crystal Diamond Peeling

There wasn't any "english" ingredients list on the packaging!
TheFaceShop Raspberry ROOTS Collagen Eye Patch

Ingredients list...

TheFaceShop Natural Sun SPF 50 PA+++ Sis gave this to me ^_~
(Yeah!! Beside eyecream, cleansing water, cleansing oil.. I love trying different sunblock/screen)

Ingredients list..

TheBodyShop Wise Woman eye cream (The price increased again!!! $3 extra!!! Luckily they are having 20% off (promotion end on 11th Dec 2011)

I still can't find a good soothing eyecream as compare to this (the closer one are the discountined Skin79 Oriental eye gel and Avalon Firm &Lift eyecream)
I know wisewoman is not the best "moisturizing" eyecream that will reduce fine lines or dark circles... but it soothe my itchy eyelids.. and I need soothing eyecream.. else I will have red and swollen eyelid :(
I guess this work well cos of a list of soothing ingredients... (Which Avalon Firm and Lift eyecream also contains - but it was not as moisturizing!)
Ingredients list...

If you all came across any soothing eyecream which contain - Aloe, Soy, Root extract or any "teas" ... let me know ^_^
(As for the prices of the above mentioned products.. I will update again once I asked my sis.)