Saturday, December 17, 2011

Shu Uemura Celestial Garden Collection

(Product introduction)
Shu Uemura will be launching their 2012 spring Celestial Garden Collection on January 2012....

A very cheerful spring collection...

Recently, attended the medie event for the 2 new launches Celestial Garden and whitefficient 2012 (I will talk about the "white" in another entry...)

Oops.. my bad, I forgot to swatches this pretty shades :(
The pan of this shadow look smaller then the normal refill pan.

[Click to enlarge- can see the colors clearer]

The cream to powder blushes were so cute and pretty, I know the shades wasn't that unique, but it's pretty coral peachy pinkish shades.
I love cream blushes, and both of them swatched nicely on the back of my hand.... and not forgetting the simple but cute packaging.
(The swatches below - Left:Fairy Pink and Right: Sunlight Peach - swatches taken with flash and without flash)

Makeup demo... I did took some close shots, but it all turn out too blury :(

Below are some pics I took at the event :)

Here are the stuff, I've received...

Check out Sara's blog for swatches :)

I'm not affiiated with the company.
Product was provided for consideration