Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Leaders Insolution Aquaringer skin clinic mask


LEADERS InSolution Mask is the upgraded version of Leaders Clinic Mask with the newest technology and Natural ingredients.

It adopts 4-key concept
  • Paraben (preservative) FREE
  • Relief Skin Irritation (made of chamomile extract)
  • Natural Preservative System (made of Azalea extract)
  • Natural thin & silky cellulose sheet mask.
It’s the first of its kind & undoubtedly become the hottest clinical brand in Korea.

Same as all Leader Clinic masks.. The Insolution mask also use the natural cellulose sheet and it stick on my skin nicely and the serum doesn't dry up pretty fast.

I masked it for about 20mins...

Mini review after using the mask for about 2weeks (one or two piece per week) (Finished all 5 pcs of masks I've received)
  • During the 20mins of masking, my face feel really cooling and refreshing.
  • Doesn't feel stuffy
  • Didn't cause any skin irritation nor stinging/buring sensation
  • Skin feel supple
  • I can see instand pump up of skin(look moisturized)
  • Skin does look brighten.
  • Pores look less dry and big
  • After 2 weeks, dry skin between my lips and nose feel more moist (always feel very dry on that area)
  • Though the effect doesn't last long, but my skin do feel moisturized, not as dull and dry - especially this time of the year(my skin always feel abit weak and dry during these few months)

  • After removing the mask, you can lightly pat the serum into the skin and follow up with you moisturizer. (But I prefer to rinise off the residue.. since my skin already absorbed what it should be absorbed.. I didn't waste anything)

I do enjoy the 20mins of masking - my face feel so refreshing, and it really soothing on my skin!

Original price::SD$4.99 
(Right Now promotional price : SD$2.80 each)

Sole Distributor (Singapore): Cossy Ptd Ltd
Available at www.cossy.com.sg

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LEADERS Insolution is a prestigious skincare line with estimated sales of more than 500, 000 masks monthly.

For more information http://www.cossy.com.sg/details.php?id=48

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