Monday, December 05, 2011

Eucerin DermoPURIFYER for blemishes prone skin

I received the new Eucerin DermoPURIFYER range (consist of 3 products), sometimes around late October (At that time, I agree to try this range cos I have some breakout around my upper cheeks and forehead)

The blemishes/spots weren't THAT crazy... but it just dimmed my already sour mood... from all the crazy, wild, scary and happy stuff happening almost the same time!
Anyway... When I tried the products.. my skin wasn't at it best and I have stopped it for a few weeks before trying it out again(so that I won't judge the products due to my skin condition at that time)
Clinical and dermatological studies prove that Eucerin DermoPURIFYER is very good skin tolerability with blemished prone skin.
Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Active Concentrate
Price: SD$29.90 (30ml)

Ingredients list....
The texture of the serum...
  • The serum feel and look like a silicon base primer - but it feel more watery and abit greasy.
  •  Easy to spread and absorb really well into the skin with a velvety finishing
  •  This serum doesn't feel moisturizing but it does feel abit strong on weaker skin(areas that are much thinner then T-zone)
  • I didn't apply this all over my face... just around trouble areas.. like T-zone, nose or on my spot. (Didn't see much effect yet)
Eucerin DermoPURIFYERHydrating care
Price: SD$25.90 (50ml)
Ingredients list....
  •  The texture of this hydrating moisturizer was pretty moist and it feel really moisturizing to touch
  •  When first applied the moisturizer on the skin, it feel very moist and abit sticky and after it absorbed into the skin... skin feel feel velvety with a matte finishing
  •  Doesn't irritate my skin
  •  Same as the serum, this was abit strong when I tried using it everyday(more suitable for oily skin or when I have alot of breaking out)

Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Active Night Care
Price: SD$25.90 (50ml)
Ingredients list...
  •  The texture of this night moisturizer... it look like a gel moisturizer, but it's more creamy and abit thick (not really cream type of thickness.. but thicker then gel and lotion)
  • When I smooth this moisturizer all over my face, it does feel moist(when applying) and abit greasy.. but it absorbed really fast into the skin. Skin feel velvety with matte finishing.
  •  The night care give a better matte finishing as compare to the day care!

Overall thoughts on the 3 products...
  •  not moisturizing enough both day and night moisturizer
    (More suitable for combination to oil skin)

During the first week of using this set of products (Weather have been abit crazy and my skin suffer.. my skin was really dry) and using this set of products doesn't provide me enough hydration. 

Resulting my skin becoming very dry and flakey... and my feel abit itchy!

So after a week of using it, I STOPPED and switch back to my normal skincare routine [VICHY (which I have been using it for around 6months)  review coming soon, so don't weird out when you see 2 skincares reviews coming up so close together]

After stopping for about 2weeks, I tried it again for about 2weeks
  • All 3 products were pretty rich and strong..
    not rich in "oily" part... rich and strong for taking care of spot/blemishes.
  •  Abit drying when using it everyday
  •  doesn't irritated my skin.
  • I didn't use this long enough to see any effect, but I like that it doesn't feel sticky, oily or make skin feel stuffy.
  •  I do have some small spot.. and it does dries up the spot nicely.

Edit:14 Jan 2012(I give this set of skincares another chance (3rd times trying it!)
I start using again 3 weeks ago after my skin is back to normal (not drying/flakey).
So for the first 2 weeks of using.. it's feel quite alright(no irritation, doesn't have any weird oil seed bumps), but onto the 3rd weeks, my skin start to feel abit dry and notice some flakey skin on my cheeks. 

I like that these products doesn't cause any skin irritation, work ok for blemishes problems(like dries up acne).. but too bad, the moisturizer wasn't hydrating enough. 

Sometimes when it get's abit too dry, my face start to itch!(So this products really wasn't moisturizing enough if you have normal to combination skin.... More suitable for oily skin)

I didn't see any visible improvement on skin textures or reducing of red spots also.
(I have combination skin - more towards dry.. I do get abit shine on my T-zone area on hot humid day.. but not really super greasy)

For blemishes prone skin condition, you can give these set a try.
If you do not have alot of blemishes, this might be abit drying.

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Valid till 30th December 2011.

The Eucerin DermoPurifyer range is available at most leading Pharmacies, Guardian, Watsons, Unity, Hospital retail pharmacies and National Skin Centre.

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