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[Ended] Gowoonsesang Expert - DR. G Brightening Balm + White Aura (Giveaway)

[Products intro + Giveaway]
Recently Sasa sent me some samples of Dr.G White Aura Serum and BBcream to do a giveaway on my blog ...

I'm keeping 2 sample tubes of BBcream to try it out myself and the rest for you all ^__^ I will pick 2 winners.

I was pretty new and clueless about Dr G, So let's learn together about this brand and their products.
In August 2011: Gowoonsesang Expert (DR. G), the skin expert line of Gowoonsesang Cosmetics (CEO: Mr Gun Young, Ahn) from Korea, has re-launched its whitening range with Root Whitening System – White Aura Line.

The new line, based on total solution of Gowoonsesang skin experts, introduces new experience of the White Aura Line through a 3-step Root Whitening System –

Step 1. Suppress the formation of melanin
Step 2. Suppress the movement of melanin
Step 3. Suppress the coloring process of melanin.

The key ingredient of Gowoonsesang EXpert ‘White Aura Line’ is Cell-Light Complex, which is a complex of α-Melight™ that suppresses the composition of melanin. Cell Active White suppresses the movement of melanin, and Edelweiss extract contains anti-oxidant effect.

The Cell-Light Complex helps to present a clearer and purer look of the complexion through a 3-step concentrated melanin suppressing mechanism.

The ‘White Aura Line’ comprises of –
A sub-acid whitening skin lotion that targets melanin and dead skin cells, which are a cause of dull skin after cleansing. Delivering an immediate improvement for dull skin, it is a moisture rich lotion with excellent moisturizing effects to alleviate flaky dead skin and saves your skin from dryness to become clearer and brighter. Swiss White Lupines and Organic Edelweiss extracts give a clear and bright skin tone and relieve skin tension after cleansing.

A refreshing whitening gel essence with a light touch of moisture, the Cell-Light Complex has a three-step melanin-blocking and whitening function, and together with Niacin Amide promotes the separation of dead skin cells to lighten the melanin pigmentation to allow skin to become bright and clear from within. Peppermint and Rabdosia Rubescens extracts lend elasticity to sagging pores and balance skin tone for velvety moist skin with a dense texture.

Spot Cleaner:: (Not a real facial cleanser!)
A spot cleaner that intensively cares for small areas of pigmentation, such as spots and freckles with Cell-Light Complex. Upon touch, it is absorbed deeply into the skin, and thus cares from deep within, removing aging cells and reducing the skin's dark tone while increasing the skin's white tone to make skin brighter. Licorice extract and Gigawhite give consistent moisturizing and skin-soothing effects to make skin bright and moisturized.

A total whitening cream that helps to obtain gentle and firmer skin texture through rich moisture management and a brighter skin tone with high intensity care for uneven skin tones, freckles, and spots. Cell-Light Complex and Rabdosia Rubescens extracts suppress melanin pigmentation creation and relieve redness to obtain purer and clearer skin. Sunflower Seed extracts attached tightly to the skin to improve dull skin tone that is due to lack of elasticity and provide skin a total whitening treatment

All the above products mentioned are approved by Korea Drug and Food Administration (KFDA) as whitening functional products.
Price lists::
  • White Aura Cream [50ml] - SD$52.90
  • White Aura Spot Cleaner [20ml] - SD$45.90
  • White Aura Serum [30ml] - SD$55.90
  • White Aura Skin Lotion [140ml] - SD$$32.90

In 2009 – Gowoonsesang Expert (DR. G), the skin expert line of Gowoonsesang Cosmetics (CEO: Mr Gun Young, Ahn) from Korea, has launched its very own Brightening Balm (BB Cream).

The B.B Cream serves as a whitening essence, make up base that contains oil control and light foundation. Containing ingredients that protects the skin from UV Light, it is highly hydrating and smoothing to the skin.

Hydrophilic and lipophilic ingredients - each of these unique formulations works on a cellular level to help face skin achieve and maintain a clearer, healthier look.

The B.B Cream comes with Sun Protection Filter (SPF) 30 PA++, ideal to use as a sun block.

Directions for use:
Apply a thin layer of Dr. G BB Cream onto the face. Use fingertips to spread gently until BB Cream has been complete.
Price: SD$43.00
Each winner will receive 2 tubes of bbcream samples + 2 sample pack of the White serum.

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4) Giveaway end on 27 December 2011

GOWOONSESANG EXPERT (DR. G) is available exclusively at Sa Sa Cosmetics.
Disclaimer: Products were sponsored by SASA Singapore