Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dr.Ci:Labo UV & White Sensitive Milk Spf 20 PA+

Few months ago, received a tube of Dr.Ci:Labo UV & White Sensitive Milk from a friend to try try... (Me love trying sunblock)

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Doesn't contain any fragrance, mineral oil or coloring.

UV & White Sensitive Milk is a sun block that cuts UV A and B rays while protecting the barrier function of delicate skin to promote its healthy functioning.
It is based on four types of ceramides which provide moisture to your skin, protect it from external irritants, and promote your skin's natural barrier function; furthermore, contains an "ATP complex*" created from plants native to Japan and China.  Vitamin H and P are also added to help maintain your skin in healthy condition.  It goes on smoothly and simply, makes a perfect foundation, and can be used year-round.
Minimal irritation of delicate skin. Ingredients that could irritate delicate skin have been minimized, and a UV blocker that doesn't burden your skin has been adopted.

*Dong dang gui extract, pueraria root extract, kuma-zasa extract, perilla extract, Chinese peony, Japanese Gold Thread extract.
The ingredients of this sensitive milk were too yummy right? (Yummy on the skin, lolx)
The texture of the sunblock lotion was pretty wet, abit creamy.
Easy to spread all over the face.

  •  When I apply the milk on cleanse bare face... the milk absorbed into the skin really well leaving a thin film of lotion feel. And on moisturized skin, it might feel abit sticky and greasy (I actually don't mind the feeling.. it feel like a normal sunblock lotion)
  •  The finishing look abit wet on the skin
  •  Doesn't mess up any application of primer nor foundation(bbcream).
  •  Very moisturizing and soothing
  •  Doesn't leave any white cast
  •  Doesn't cause any skin irritation nor cause any breakout.
  •  Sunblock powder wasn't that strong, good enough for normal outing(shopping)... mostly indoor.
  •  I can see my freckles on my upper cheeks become abit darker if I stay I'm under the sun for longer time (I didn't experiences that when I'm using higher SPF sunblock/lotion) Well, since this sunblock was target for sensitive skin with minimium ingredients that will cause skin irritation. But it's good enough, since we stay indoor most of the time right (office or shopping mall)
Hmmm... that's about it, if I miss out anythings, let me know or ask me thru comment below(email also can).

Along with the Sensitive Milk, they also included some samples in a cute little white pouch  <3

Dr.Ci:Labo is available at selected departmental stores...

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Dr.Ci:Labo UV & White Sensitive Milk Spf 20 PA+ [30ML]
Price: SD$46

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