Monday, December 12, 2011

Cyber Colors Ex Volume Waterproof Mascara

Received the newly released Cyber Colors Ex Volume Waterproof Mascara from Cyber Colors thru SASA SG to try try ^_^

The description for this mascara sound awesome right... "Feather light xtra volume" (I guess, it me... cos I love mascara that give good volume and it doesn't weight down my stubborn lashes)

Ingredients list....

My bare lashes..

Applied 2 coats of mascara

Here's a side by side pic of "before and after" applying mascara

  • The mascara was quite waterproof, abit hard to remove (must use "oil" cleanser ... normal gel or waterbase can't remove it)

  • Even when using oil cleanser it still need to let it soak awhile to totally remove it. (And Hada Labo Cleansing oil doesn't remove it.. even when I double cleansed.... the mascara still stick on my lashes like they are their life saver!!!!)
  • Althought this is a waterproof mascara... but it does smudges abit after afew hours of wearing(not much... still acceptable for me)
  • Doesn't weight down my lashes for the first few hours, but it doesn't stay curled up the whole day.
  • Doesn't lengthen much, but give good volume (Not that thick as I expected)
  • Darken my lashes to make it look long.. the black wasn't pitch black, but dark enough to define the lashes.
  • Lashes doesn't feel crumpy... spread out nicely.
  • The texture of the mascara on the lashes wasn't that "crisp" dry like Fasio or Majolica Majorca (Fasio is by far the driest and best waterproof mascara I've ever came across.. .which also the hardest to remove)... but cyber Color one still feel a tiny bit stiff.
  • The wax was abit wet and also because of the bendable mascara wand... it's kinda messy during applying.. as the wand will bounce back and touches my eyelid.

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Price: SD$25.90 ((8g -0.28oz))
Available at all SASA Cosmetic Stores in Singapore (Location below)

I'm not affiliated with the company.
Product was provided for consideration