Friday, December 16, 2011

Canmake marshmallow finish powder

Canmake Marshmallow Finish Powder was part of the goodies bag item I've received when I attended their Girly Party back in July 2011.

Canmake Marshmallow Finish Powder :
Create the perfect sweet-looking face that’s as soft and light like a marshmallow...
Achieve a matte finish that conceals pores and hides any unevenness in your complexion...
A face powder, finishing powder and setting powder for your foundation.

Canmake marshmallow finish powder is a delicate powder that combines the smoothness of silk and the softness of a marshmallow.
  •  Kind to your skin –  contains 72% mineral ingredients.
  • No need to use special cleansers when removing your make-up [ordinary facial wash is fine!]
  • Free from surfactants, tar-based pigments, alcohol and fragrance.

Formulation that prevents make-up wearing off due to shininess, dullness or dryness
  • Contains shine-preventing powder. This absorbs sebum, preventing shininess, stickiness and make-up fade.
  • Contains 10 beautifying agents to prevent skin becoming dry and rough

Moisturizing agents
  • Aloe vera leaf extract, rosemary extract, chamomile extract, lemon extract

Toning agents
  • Horse chestnut extract, perilla (shiso) leaf extract

Emollient agents
  • Squalane, olive oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil

Contains concealing powder that makes pores and unevenness in skin texture much less noticeable
  • The two different-sized types of spherical powder particles create a light-scattering effect, making it hard to notice areas of concern, such as pores and unevenness of skin texture.

I enjoy using this as setting powder to set my bbcreams or liquid foundations.

Doesn't have much color payoff (well, maybe become... I'm quite fair, so the shade doesn't make my skin look any fairer.

After using this for afew months, here's my thoughts on how I feel about this pressed finishing powder (aka review! kekekee). (I did rotate with other setting powders during these few months... but I always reach for this when I'm in a rush.)
  • Doesn't cause any skin irritation nor breaking out.
  • Doesn't feel dry on my skin
  • Love the soft focus finishing
  • Even out skin complexion
  • minimize my pores (not much but good enough to create the illusion(lolx))
  • It set either bbcream and liquid foundation quite well
  • average oil control (but in my case.. it's consider quite good)
  • finely milled powder and it blend/melted into my skin beautifully
  • Doesn't look cakey nor heavy on my skin
  • I like how soft my skin feel after I set my foundation with this finishing powder. (Some setting powder... after about 5-10mins my skin will start to feel abit sticky)... and it keep my skin soft and non-sticky for up to 4-5hrs.
I didn't use the puff provided(though the puff feel soft and nice on the skin) because I prefer to use a powder brush.

I've tried using this alone without any bbcream/foundation many times (Sunblock + Marshmallow finish powder)... and it keep my pores hidden, even out my complexion and made my face look soft for afew hours.

I love using this as my brow's highlight or clean up the messy eyeshadow application above my crease(eyelids) or soften the harsh eyeshadow(that I applied too much or blend out too far above my crease.) ... It's better then using skinshade eyeshadows!

Me wearing the finishing powder (Pic taken 2hrs later - outdoor under the sun - my face still look soft and oil-free)

Price: I'm not too sure, will check and update soon
Available at Watsons and John Little.