Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Belle Madame Egg Sponge (美妆蛋)

Saw this cute little box at Watsons the other day.... and it's asian version (should be Korean.. cos the sponge was made in Korea and pack in Taiwan)  beauty blended...
Belle Madame "Egg Sponge"(美妆蛋)

The Sponge feel dense and "thick"... I don't have beauty blender, so I can't make any comparison. But it does have similar texture of the Elizabeth Arden Makeup blender that came with the Ceramide Ultra Lift and Firm Makeup creamy foundation (Click)

I find that the Elizabeth Arden makeup blender was abit too small.. and this egg sponge might be a good alternative. (I haven't tried this yet...have been abit lazy on putting on foundation lately... I just wear sunblock + primer + loose powder... most if the days :b)
Available at Watsons Singapore
Price: I think is less then SD$8 (SD$7.50 or SD$7.90)