Sunday, November 20, 2011

Somethings random and personal

[Sharing - Personal]
Well.. lately, I haven't been doing quite well in my "personal" life department... alot of stuff happened and makes me feeling kinda low in mood... But I'm a happy person (lolx)and I tried not to let stuff ruin my life. It's over and I have to move on!! (I know that I have much happiers stuff as compare to those tiny unhappiness - they are not worth of my precious time!)

Putting all those emo feeling aside some stuff can't be ignore... like my face!!! Afew weeks ago -not sure was it the constant changing of weather or the change of skincare products.... my face was so dry and it start to flake( So I switch back to my dearly intense moisturizer and doing alot of hydrating sheet masks - it's kinda ok now... but still feel abit dry)

Anyway, that wasn't important!!!! What I'm going to say was that..... LOTD entries or anything that need to show "too" much of my face would be down to almost none(unless the pics turn out ok.) for awhile because sucky stuff happened!

The lower right side of my face was swollen due to inflammation (I have this pain near the back of my right jaw... I have been ignoring it as long as I can remember (it like more then 6mths already... but it doesn't make my life difficult... it just pain when I yawn.

BUT lately the pain have caused inflammation and resulting in "swelling" (I can't really move my right nose, mouth, cheek and the lower eye skin(???) and that have cause me in tearing non-stop!
No worries, I have been taking anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling pills for afew days now.. the pain have gone down to almost 90%(Yeah to painless yawn or when I sneeze) ... as for the swelling... it need time!

When I keep my facial expression very still... it doesn't look swollen or anything, unless you look really really close. But when I smile(OMY and this is the time I hate mirror so much!!)

Ok.. here's a pic(I choose the one that look more funny rather then weird! kekekeke) I tried to squeeze my face... and look... half of it doesnt move much (on the left of the pic = right side of my face) The swollen start from the waterline down towards my chin.

And this is also the time when I realised that the bottom part of the eyes actually do very much in helping closing your eyes shut!!!

When I cleans my face and when my finger runs over my right eyes, foam/oil cleanser will runs into the eyes cos it can't shut completely. And also becos of the swelling... I only can feel my left eye when I blink and my right eye feel like it's on "slow motion" (lolx)

I can only blame myself.. if I took care of the pain months ago... maybe this won't happened(lolx)
I hope you will won't mind that I will be blogging much about reviews and products that I've received from companies. I will be back to normal... once I can move my that swelling face!!! :b

I know right... alot of stuff happening within a month (since Oct 22) Wake me up when November is over!

Let's December be a painfree, swell free, dry free(for my face) and happiness month!!
Christmas coming, me love Christmas!!!

Personal Problems aside... on my face:: I'm using the Skin79 Homme BBcream. Loving the oil control(oh well, my face have been abit towards the dry side.. but my nose still shiny like nobody business) and when I use this, my nose doesn' feel oily or shine like a grease ball!

The Homme bbcream is for man.. and when I swatch it... the shade was so pale.. and it set down to own skin shade.

Almost no coverage but help to minimize redness and pores abit. (In the pic only using bbcream and loose powder).. and I also tried using it as base(for oil control). Not bad ^_^ (Review coming up soon... I guess)

I have alot of goodies to try.... and I must say... the eyeliners passes the "tearing" eyes test!!!