Monday, November 14, 2011

Shu Uemura Holiday Collection by Wong Kar Wai


This fall, in honour of Shu Uemura's founding principle "art is a way of life", shu uemura continues to strengthen the bond between art and beauty in its ongoing series of artist collaborations for the 2011 holiday collection.

For the 2011 holiday season, shu uemura comes together with internationally renowed film director Wong Kar Wai.  Wong is an award-winning writer-director whose unique narrative and visual styles have touched audiences around the world and inspired a generation of filmakers.

Wang Kar Wai is a master of colors, just like Mr. Shu Uemura.  Possessing a unique perspective on femininity, he has specialised in capturing the mystique of women.  In collaboration with Wong Kar Wai, shu uemura introduces a holiday collection rich in emotions and atmosphere, with beautiful package decoration inspired by his special short short film for shu uemura, Mask.  With his distinctive appreciation of femininity and his signature style that is both nostalgic and hip, this collection emphasises timeless elegance and poetic tones, and takes the shu uemura look to a new dimension.

United through an incredible sense of color and eternal pursuit of beauty, Wong Kar Wai and shu uemura come together to create a fantasy world. Indulge in sensous emotion, experience the essence of beauty, and boldly express your own passion in this 2011 holiday season.

About the short flim:
In an exceptional collaboration, the celebrated film director Wong Kar Wai has created an exclusive short film for shu uemura that showcases his unique vision of femininity, all captured in his dreamily nostalgic and cooly hip style.
Wong's lush visual poem 'Mask' depicts a dramatic story expressed with "rouge et bleu" - the colors red and blue.

Burning in Water

Drowning in Flame

Rouge Unlimited

Swatches of the Rouge Unlimited

Lustrous Glow Powder

Glittery Mascara

The preview event was held at Preview Lounge @ Cineleisure Orchard...

snacks.... YUM!

I received the Drowning in Flame plalette and a glitters mascara (will do a LOTD on a seperate entry)

Shu Uemura Holiday Collection by Wong Kar Wai - launch on 11th November 2011
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