Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Media event : All about Kinohimitsu


Last month I attended the Kinohimitsu Media event @ Mogamba Bar & Restaurant Singapore.

The bar top was lined up with kinohimitsu bottle drinks....

The presentation start with introducing their brand, and Kinohimitsu was a brand created by a Singaporean!!! Follow by introducing their drinks while sampling it.

About the brand:

Kinohimitsu have 14 types of drinks

The beauty drinks...

The health drinks...

The detox drinks...

The press kit.. We got one of each to sample :)

->>> Kinohimitsu Detox Juice: Cranberry Flavour [Review]
->>> Kinohimitsu J'Pan Beauty Drink : Collagen [Review]

They just sent me 6bottles of J'pan Collagen Diamond 5300 Drink to try it out (will be doing a review on it soon)