Sunday, November 06, 2011

[LOTD] A basic wide eyes using KATE Wide Edge Eyes BK-1

This gonna be a very simple lotd  wide eye makeup look. (It's all about "eyeliner" lolx)
I know I haven't been doing LOTD lately... all thanks to my left eye!! The parallel(double) lid just cut into my inner corner making my eyes look one big one small! (I lost all mood in trying eyeshadows.. and I have been wearing just one eyeshadow shade(mostly paintpot) and thick liner. Kekeke.. cos it's easy!)

[Please excuse my tired eyes... the inner corner of my right eye feel a bit sore(donno why, it doesn't look swollen or feel swollen).

Using KATE wide edge eyes eyeshadow palette in BK-1
(Read more about this collection- click here)

This time, I'm going to do a step by step..
I have been getting alot of emails asking me to do a step by step on a basic eyelook that suit all skintones. So... I tried (kekeke)
It's really not easy...  stopping on each and every steps and take pics!! (I hope it's clear enough and easy to follow) and I really have to give credits to all of the bloggers out there who always do "step my step" LOTD (It took alot of times and effort!!)

First apply the base "E"(refer to the above pic for the shade) all over the lids follow by...
-> apply "A" under the brow's (as highlight)
-> "B" on the lids up to the crease(slighly above the crease)
-> "C" on lids
-> "D" on the lash line (just draw like a thick liner and then blend blend blend...
The gold eyeshadow "B" was much pigmented on it own.. layer it on top of the base "E" from the palette kinda muted the gold shadow "B".

Using Kate Real Touch Pencil liner (It's a solidify gel liner in pen form)
This liner glide on nicely on "eyeshadow less" lids and it was quite "intense"... but it became abit hard to draw on the lids when I have eyeshadows on.

I used this to tightline too.. it was easy to draw on and it doesn't smudge (Oh... by the way, I didn't wear this look out for long and the weather was really cooling when I have this on.)

KATE new mascara base and follow by the Anna Sui Perfect Mascara.

Products used...

After applying skincares(toner/serum/moisturizer)
-> Dr.Ci.Labo UV & White Sensitive Milk SPF 20 PA+ (Review coming soon)
-> Smashbox PhotoFinish hydrating Primer (Review coming soon)
-> MAC Prep + Prime Fortified Skin Enhancer illuminateur SPR 35 PA +++ in recharge (on my undereyes to even out the darkcircle)
-> Maybelline Pure Liquid Mineral foundation
-> Canmake mashmallow Finish Powder (Review coming soon)
-> Melliesh blush in shade #2

On the lids::
-> Limecrime eyeshadow helper
-> KATE Wide Edge Eyes in BK-1
-> KATE mascara base
-> Anna Sui Perfect Mascara (Review coming soon)
-> Kate Real touch gel liner
-> K palette brow's liner in #01
-> KATE Brow's mascara
-> My Red House "MUA" lipstick in cupid

[Products in Blue font were provided by the company]

I will be creating afew more LOTD using the Wide Edge Eyes palettes.