Monday, November 21, 2011

Leaders Clinic I.P.L Whitelux ampoule Mask (review)

Received 5 pieces of Leaders Clinic I.P.L Whitelux ampoule Mask from Serenity Allure.

Ingredients list.... [Click to enlarge]

The mask have the same texture as compare to Leaders Clinic Collagen Infusion Essential Mask. Made of silk cellulose which will stick and fit well on the face.

My mini review after using the mask for a month(one piece per week)
  • Mask fit nicely on the face(skin)
  • During the 20mins of masking, my face was really cooling and it was really refreshing!
  • Skin feel supple
  • I didn't see any instant whitening nor whitening effect after using it for a month.
  • Skin does look brighten up.
  • Notice that the redness on my cheeks and pores wasn't that noticeable.
    [But all effect doesn't last long- I know, this is not a miracle mask!] Like I mentioned before, I believe all sheet masks will brighten up the complexion instantly, because skin was fully hydrated after 20mins of masking)

  • After I rinise off the residue(remember to rinish off after masking cos this is a "whitening" mask... and it might not be UV friendly(Most whitening masking product's ingredients are photosynthesis - Best to mask it at night)
  • Skin does feel abit tight after I rinish off the residue and towel dry my face. (Remember to apply your skincare right away to lock in the goodness.)
  • Doesn't have the stinging nor burning sensation on my face.
  • Doesn't cause any irritation nor breaking out (amazing... cos my skin normally won't work well with "whitening" skincares(except sunblock and base makeup products)
Price: SD$4.95 per piece / SD$49.95 per box(10pcs)
Available at Guardian and Sephora

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