Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Za Impact Lash Volume Mascara + Base and Liquid liner [review]

Received a box of goodies during the private bloggers session at La barra di Vino

In the box, I received a Volumn mascara, Mascara base, Liquid Liner and a point makeup remover. The Wine glass was their invitation sent over to my home.... (really cute right?)

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Za Impact Lash Base and Volume mascara

The volume mascara's brush is a curl shape brush and bristle will get to the shorter lashes. This is to thicken each lashes to maximize the volume effect.


The wax of the mascara base was abit moist(too wet as compare to the Majolica Majorca lash bone- which I love)

Za Liquid liner


Before applying mascara base/mascara... I curl my lashes with Shu uemura curler..

With mascara base... The base when apply look abit milky, but dries up to a transparent shade(no color! lolx)

The was was abit moist.. it takes awhile to dry.. if I apply mascara ontop of the base before it dries.. the mascara wand will lift off the mascara base from my lashes. Remember to wait till it's about 70% dry before applying mascara.

When the base dries.. which took about 10-20secs... I apply the mascara..

So now I put all the "before and after" pics side by side (easy to see/compare)

The base hold up the curl and help in thicken my lashes abit (I still prefer the white base lash bone from Majolica Majorca).
Volume mascara..
  • it does thicken the lashes abit (not much)
  • does lengthen the lashes abit too(which is a plus point!)
  • loving the mascara wand as it help to coat all the lashes to thicken it.
  • Good holding power! My lashes doesn't feel heavy or fall down after applying the mascara.
(Fasio and Majolica Majorca have good holding power too, but the lashes feel kinda dry.. cos of the super waterproof function)
  • Doesn't have fall out bits (I normally wore it around 8-10hrs)
  • Waterproof and smudge proof 
  • Easy to remove with cleansing oil 
  • The mascara wax was black .. and it's good enough to thicken the lashes. (Not jet black but black enough)
  • The maacara wax doesn't feel too wet or dry(I prefer abit dry mascara... cos it wont get so messy)
I like the mascara... and I feel like trying the "wide eyes" I think the wide eyes mascara would be a good base for the volume mascara (I think... lolx)
In the demo above, I apply a coat of mascara base and 2 coat of volume mascara.
Liquid Liner::
  • The liner wasn't as black when just drew on... but the shade is buildable to an intense black.
  • This liner doesn't smudge and it's waterproof
I use this on my sister on her wedding day.. it last from morning(around 5am to 11pm) and it didnt smudge at all!(Impressive)
  • The tip is soft and easy to draw.
  • The staying power of this liner was pretty good too..
  • Very waterproof, as I need to soak my eyes abit longer with cleansing oil to totally remove the liner.

Products used:
  •  Biore UV Aqua Rich Water Jelly Water base SPF30PA+++
  •  Skin79 Lovely Girl BBcream

  •  Canmake marshmallow setting powder
  •  MAC instant Chic blushes
  • Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner pencil in Flipside
  •  Za Liquid liner

  •  Za Impact Lash Mascara - Volume
  •  Za Impact Lash Mascara - base
  •  Kate Brow get in LB-1
  •  KOSE Esprique brow's liner in BR300
Products in blue font were provided by the company for reviewing.
I will do a seperate review on the point makeup remover..

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