Monday, October 24, 2011

za-cosmetics NEW Go Go Lashes

Few weeks ago, attended the bloggers previews party at La barra di Vino [a Wine bar]

The previewing of the new collection was held in the VIP room..

Let's check out the new launch point makeup products from za-cosmetics.
First up Impact Lash Mascara - Volume
(Price: SD$17.50)

Next:: Impact Lash Mascara - Wide Eyes
(Price: SD$17.50)

Impact Lash Mascara - Long
(Price: SD$17.50)

First up Impact Lash Mascara - Mascara Base
(Price: SD$15.90)

Liquid Eye liner (1shade -black)
Price: SD$18.50

Ever Liner for eyes (2 shades - black/brown)
Price: SD$11.90

Everbrow (this is not a new product... just repackage)
(Price: SD$11.90)

Lip & Eye Makeup remover
(Price: SD$12.90)

After a short, sweet and cute presentation... we have some snacks!!! FOODS :)

Once again, I'm not a fan of potato wedges... but these taste yummy (doesn't have that old oil taste)
My goodies.. (I have already tried out the base, mascara and liner for quite sometimes already and reviews coming up soon)