Sunday, October 30, 2011

Korean Cosmetics - CLIO and Peripera in Watsons

[Sharing + swatches]

Korean brand CLIO and Peripera have arrived in Singapore! (Well, I've only heard about CLIO cos of Hyo Lee!)

K-Beauty launch at Ngee Ann City Watsons store! (Just up on October 2011)

Pic taken from Clio Singapore Facebook page. (I'm too timid to took a long shot at NAC watsons)

First up:: CLIO: Kill Black range
Kill Black Eyeliners in Brush, Pen and Pencil

The Black Pen liner is the most intense and black among the 3 liners, Where the pencil liner have the best staying power, cos it took me awhile to wipe it off with wet tissue.. with some help of lotion(tester at watsons- lolx))

Kill Black Gel Liner & Cake eyebrow's pot : Black, Brown, Violet

[Top taken with flash/bottem taken without flash]


Kill Black Eye Love You Shadow pencil: Dark Bronze, Moca Brown, Dark Blue, Khaki Gray, White, Glow Beige and Night Navy.


Clio Kill Black Waterproof mascara Kill Volume


Peripera ‘My Color Eyes’ eye shadow in Brown, Lucid Pink, Shimmer Violet, Sugar Lavender, White Sparkle, Secret Green, Orange, and Sheer Beige.


Peripera ‘Flash Color Eyes’ stick eye shadow in Pearl White, Rose Pink, Lilac, Green and Blue

Peripera ‘My Color Lips’ lipstick in Sugar Pink, Holi Pink, Rose Pink, Mandarin Orange, Apricot Orange, Pink Beige.

(Didnt swatch these lipsticks, cos there are no testers)

Smile Fit Blusher [Price: SD$15.90]
These blushes were really pigmentated and creamy.

Wonder talk lipbalm

Check out CLIO Singapore Facebook Page