Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rejuvenating Treatments @ Salon 360° and Lancôme Beauty Institute

Salon 360 and the Lancome Beauty Institute is a one stop beauty haven  for disceming women and men. And I got a chance to experience the rejuvenating treatment @ Marina Bay Sand.

Let's check out the Lancome Beauty Institute.... (it just located beside Salon 360° and the door is connected!)

Half way thru the introducing/touring of the Lancome Beauty Institute... they gave me a cup of famous (warm, sweet and soothing) red dates longan tea.

Entering the facial room (they have 2 rooms in MBS Lancome Institute)

The facial bed is rested inside a cocoon like curtains... when the treatment/facial started.. the curtain would be draw shut and I felt like I was being wrap up... and the soothing light and music... I doze off afew times(Oops, I might snore abit! kekekee)

First up: Lancome facial - using the new(and alot of the) Lancome Visionnaire Advanced skin Corrector serum.. (below is a details explanation of the facial)

I didn't put on any makeup that day (just tinted sunblock) and she cleanse my face so well that I really enjoyed it... Cleanse using cleansing milk, follow by cleansing water/lotion to remove dead skin cells(she double cleanse it with cleansing lotion/water) in total, she cleanse my face 3 times!!! (I'm totally enjoying the cleansing process!)

Unlike some facial I've been too.. I always felt that they didn't cleanse off my makeup well (it's just a feeling), because just light applying cleansing milk all over my face then wipe off doesn't means it's CLEAN!!! (Well, not all facial salon are like that la)

She did a mild extraction around my chin and nose (doesn't feel any pain at all) .. then she applied a thick layer of Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector (it felt so cool and soothing)... cover it with a piece of sheet mask and follow by the Iontophoresis Mask(it feel abit heavy on my face.. kinda like laying 10 pieces of wet masks) .. then she went on to set the current. She kept asking me whether I feel any sharp tingling feels on the face (NOPE... I dont feel any)... but I do feel abit of pressure after the 4/5times she asked me, so she stop the current at that level(not sure which level.. must be quite high, because I heard alot of clicks before she stop- lolx)

While I mask, she did a soft massage on my arms and legs to relax my whole body... I ZzzzZZZzzzZZzz off abit...

After about 10/15mins???? (Not too sure) she took off the masks and start massaging my face.. kinda like pinching my skin from jaw to forehead over and over again ... OH, it feel really nice rather then pain (It does sound painful right.. but it really comfortable!!).

She did half face, so that I can see visible result comparing both side of my face. OOOh... I can see tighter jaw and higher eye on the half that she massaged.

After the relaxing the facial... I can see my pores minimized abit and my whole face does look dewy and radiance. (Oh well, the radiance-ness only last about 2 days - I'm quite impress with the Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector Serum!

Next would be the Salon 360° (Hair spa~)

I told the them that my scalp was really oily and kinda clogged with dry hair tips... and she did a scan on my scalp.. turn out, my scalp is pretty healthy only abit of dead skin... so she add on a scalp scrub treatment before the Elixir Ultime treatment.

It look brighter then the picture!!!!!

After the scalp and hair diagnosis.. I was brough to a private room at the back of the salon (which normally serve 2 person at a time)...

Doing the scalp scrub on this comfy chair(couch) while reading magazine and slipping warm Red dates longan tea.

Move over to the washing area... After washing off the scrub and shampooing twice... my hair and scalp was saturated with a generous amount of warmed Elixir Ultime.

They did some massage on my scalp and it feel nice... althought the massage chair was a nice touch.. but the shoulder part was abit tight(from the head rest- I felt that my shoulder was being trapped in the hair rest and the chair)... after moving around, I felt less pressure and really start to enjoying the massage chair.

[The Elixir Ultime was heated up in this bowl...]

After massaging, I was left resting on the washing chair for about 5mins to let the oil absorbs into my hair/scalp.  After rinsing off the treatment oil... I was up and on the salon chair!  Applying more oil before , inbetween and after blow drying my hair. (My hair smell so good after that!)

Before this, I never thought about applying oil on my hair nor scalp before, cos I scare that it might clogged my scalp and make it itchy and "scary"...  Elixir Ultime doesn't feel that oily on my hair, and I love the shine.. my hair tips are always so dry and coarse... now it feel much better and moist but still abit dry la... (I need to be more hardworking and remember to apply the oil more often.)

After 3 hrs of indulgence pampering...  I flow home and sleep somemore(lolx).
Oh ya, when I wash my hair at home... I can feel the huge different, my hair feel really smooth when I wet it and when it dries... hair was much smoother and it stay that way for about 3days(Normally, I need to apply conditioner/hair mask to feel that smooth and soften.)
I was given a bottle of 125ml Elixir Ultime to try it at home (so far, I'm not hating it, have been using it every other days.)

Wanna experience the spa treatment yourself?? Right now in celebration of Salon 360° and the Lancôme Beauty Institute's second year in Marina Bay Sands, they will held a month long event offering customers free skin, scalp and hair diagnoses, it will be an activity centre for anyone who wants to know more about their skin and hair.

(The roadshow will be held just outside of the Salon 360°)

Click here for more detail's information on the promotion.