Thursday, September 15, 2011

Kanebo Lavshuca eyeshadow in BR-2

Afew weeks ago - Ming(miwitch) gave me the eyeshadow quint from Lavshuca where she got it from her previous HongKong trip.

she said that the cool tone browns don't look good on her skintone... and yeah~ that I got to try the eyeshadows(We dont have this in Singapore) After using it for a few times... I quite like the texture and how easy this eyeshadow blends.
It's not as creamy as the Wet&Wild or rich and pigmented like Urban Decay.. but it's smooth and last quite well on my lids. (When I wore these eyeshadows.. I'm either using MAC Paintery Paintpot or Limecrime eyeshadow helper.) The eyeshadows doesn't creases on me. (Limecrime eyeshadow helper is amazing- will be doing a review on it soon)

swatches in varous lighting...

Above swatches were swatched without any primer/base. The 2 pics before are with Limcrime eyeshadow help.

Now I can't wait to try out their others shades... like green ^,~
That's all for now :)
Next up would be a mask review.