Thursday, September 08, 2011

Canmake "Milky Orange" blush trend

In this entry, I'm going to show swatches of the three blushes I received back in June 2011 (Click)

This summer, Canmake join the "orange" blushes craze trend for this summer(I know summer almost over.. but the love for anythings orangey, coral and peaches never dies).

The "Milky Orange" Canmake mentioned was actually a more tone down Orange shade.. which is coral/peachy shade.

Canmake Cream Cheeks in #12 (New shade) Price: SD$17.90
The cream cheek was not oily and it last quite well..  not super long wearing but long enough(lolx... did I made any sense here???)

Canmake Cheek & Cheek in #01 (Price: SD$19.90)

Canmake powder cheek in PW27 (Price: SD$17.90?? Not too sure)

Part of my peach, coral, orangey blushes

Some swatches...

I'm still pretty crazy about this type of blush shades.... If you came across some really pretty peachy, orangery blushes do let me know... kekeke ....
Oh, I remember I have a VOV (Korean brand) blush that was really pigmented and in orange shade but I cant find it in my stash.... Hmmm... did I gave it away??? Anyway.. here the pics I copy from my previous entry...

Taken from this entry (VOV)
That's all ^,~

P/S: My sis going to smurf me when she found out that I took her Blythe :b Oh, well... who ask this Blythe have lovely shades of peach hair, orange eyes and coral cheeks!!!