Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash for baby smooth skin [Review]

Three weeks ago, received the Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash from "The Sample Store".

The bottle is small and cute~ I'm loving the huge pump handle(is that what it was called????) And it estimated to have 150 pumps.(The refill will have lesses pumps, cos it only 120/130ML).
Ingredients list...

Why do we need "foam", because foam roll on the suface of your skin and pick up dirts from your pores as foam(bubble) are round and it's more easy get into the pores. Plus foam cleanse better then gel, creamy or milk cleanser for combination to oily skin.
We have all kind of cleansers that will lather into foam state (or simply using a pump out foam cleanser - like the Biore Marshmallow whip facial wash).
And for my own preference, I prefer the traditional foam cleanser that I can lather myself as it was more thicker + rich in texture. Pump out foam cleanser contain more WATER then the cleanser itself.
Note: Foam cleanser is suitable for Normal/combination/oily skin (It might be too drying for dry skin.)

Close-up on the dense foam...

The foam is really dense, fine, fluffy and light.. and even when I hold it upside down for about a minutes (while trying to focus the len... the foam only shifted abit and didnt fall off my palm.)

I tried to make it look like the foam on the pic... (fail - not as chubby and cute!!)

Mini Review:
-> Scent: Smell like all Biore cleanser.. soft floral clean scent.
-> The foam was pretty fine, dense and foamy(duh~)
Peronally, I do not feel any different of the texture of the foam as compare to the other "pump type foam cleanser" that I've tried.
-> One pump is enough for the whole face and neck, cos the foam is soapy enough to spread around.
(If you love the feel of thick foam on the skin.. 2 pumps are more then enough)
-> Cleanse well
-> Didn't experiences any break-out or skin irritation (have been using this for almost 3weeks)
-> When skin are wet, it feel soft and It's doesn't have the squeaky clean feel.
-> When I towel dry my face, it does feel tight (Cos the oil on skin was being wash off)
(Remember to rinse thoroughly, as foam are very lighty to trap in the pores around the ears, hairline and nose areas which will resulting in bumps)
I almost finishing this bottle... my whole family including my brushes are using it! lolx... going to get the refill soon.. if I'm not distracted by other "look-so-good-I-gotta-try-it-out" cleansers.

Price: SD$13.90 (refil: SD$10.90)
Available in Singapore
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Note: No worries-> after taking the pics, all those foam.... I used it to deep cleanse my synthetic brushes.

Disclaimer: Product was sent for reviewing. I'm not affiliated with any companies and anyone!