Wet n Wild Comfort Zone [Swatches]

I got this Wet N Wild Palette from Michelle (IcefrostSprees) last month(?) and it was rested comfortable and safe in a pouch.
Last week, I decided to take it out to use/ do some swatches and... "dang dang danggggg~" tragic happened! "I dropped the pouch"!!!!!!
And luckily only one shade was shattered and it can be easily "pressed" back with one of my (clean)finger ... phew~ (spot my finger print??lolx)

Above taken with flash/below taken without flash

Wet n Wild Comfort Zone swatches...
[Taken at night time -indoor flash]

Taken in daytime(near the window) with force flash

Taken in night time indoor without flash

Taken in daytime(near the window) without flash

The "definer" shade on the right of the palette is a duo chrome shade Redish brown base with blue/green sheen. And this shade totally reminds me of the shade from the two faced enchanted glamourland's Label Whore

The Too Faced "Label Whore" sheen are more glossy and the base is abit darker then Wet n Wild (but it a really close dupe!)