Wednesday, August 24, 2011

[Review] Vichy Aera Teint Pure Skin Breathing Fluid Foundation

I got this foundation as free gift when I purchased above SD$200 of Vichy's products(amount can be accumulated, just registered with the skincare/beauty advisor at the counter.)

Retail Price: SD$39 for 30ml

They have 4 shades in total and the lightest one have a pinkish undertone.(I want that, but it was OOS),  so I chose "Beige Orce 20".(It matches my skin and doesn't make me look dark. I still prefer the pink tone one!)

This foundation(all Vichy's products) contain the Vichy Thermal Spa Water

Ingredients list::

The texture and finishing of this foundation was very similar to Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra lift and firm makeup foundation.

When I took this set of pics, I forgot to set the ISO to auto... so those taken with flash was abit bright!

(below pic taken with flash)

->Even out my complexion and concealed some of the redness on my cheeks.
->Finishing is velvety matte(not chalky type of matte finishing)... D
->Doesn't have the need to set the foundation because it doesn't have that weird foundation sticky/wetness feel. (But I still set it with powder to make it last longer on my combination skin.)
->Doesn't irritate or cause any break-out
->Oil control was pretty average
->Last well for normal everyday usage (6-8hrs)
->Doesn't feel too thick.
->Sheer to high medium coverage (buildable)
(Below pic taken without flash near the window)

Excuse my tired eyes and face(somethings seem off with my body/health)... my double eyelid on my left eye have cut into the inner corner of my eye :( It's been this way for about afew weeks now!!! I'm seriously lack of sleep!!! (I need to start sleeping early and get my health and "double eyelid" to pop back out to normal!!!! (Notice a wound near my right brow's.. I accidently wounded myself with my "killer" nail!!!!! Ouch~)
(Below pic taken without flash- all covered up with foundation! Look so much better righth? lolx)

I hate the unevenness double-eyelids.. it just made the big-small eyes(大小眼) more visible :(
I didn't use any eyeshadow... just using the Sephora Jumbo crayon liner in Kaki(09)to draw a thick liner and top it with Latest Canmake Hyper Agebuto mascara(I'm loving the hotpink packaging and the non-watery texture mascara "wax") Didn't apply anything on my lower lashes.

products used::

  • Biore UV Aqua Rich SPF30 PA+++
  • Vichy Aera Teint Pure Skin Breathing Fluid Foundation in Beige Orce 20
  •  CANMAKE Marshmallow Finish Powder 
  • KOSE ESPRIQUE Melty Fix Cheek in PK800 
  • Anna Sui Eyebrow Color Compact in #01(Red/Brown) 
  • Kate Brows mascara
  • Bourjois Khol & Contour eyeliner in Ultra black
  • Sephora Jumbo crayon liner in Kaki(09)

  • Canmake Hyper Agebuto mascara
(Products in Blue font was provided by the company for reviewing)
**** About my foundation shade : I prefer liquid foundation with pale cool tone pink undertones , For loose mineral foundation..  I prefer pale olive tone (both undertones work very well in brighten up my complexion and concealed my reddish cheeks.)
I can get away with paler shade of foundation because my body is way paler then my face(Well, my face was fair too la- it just that tone look slightly different). So with cooler tone foundation, it even out my redness... and I wont be walking around with "burn" face (lolx) because it will get redder when my temperature get higher! (Natural ROSY cheeks!)

Alittle updates on my (M)PB"M" gang (Wink~ at Hazel)
(Use to be MPB gang -> momo, peapea and buibui) Now with Momo gone for more then 2 yrs - the new addition to the family and the gang is "Manman". She is a terrorist!!!!My room look like it had been hit by a bomb!!!!! I'm trying to do some Cesar Millan's stun on her including the others!!!

Everytimes Manman sleep on her back.. I cant stop laughing!!! Becos she's a HUGE dog and seeing her with her 4s up look funny la!

And she loved to disturb Buibui! Look at her paw- according to Cesar's theory.. this means that she's trying to rule Buibui.. wanna be on top of her!! Hmmm... to me, she just wanna get Buibui attention! lolx (Check out my messy room!! "shake head")

Here a pic of Buibui newly shaved look! kekekkee

And peapea.... he's sleeping soundly on his back!! (So carefree~)

That's all for now... thanks for reading (if there anyone reading it! lolx)