Sunday, August 28, 2011

MAC Styledriven and MAC Me Over Fall collections [Haul]

I was around Bugis yesterday and decided to pop by BHG to check out the new Ettusiais BBcream and powder... BUT... i got suck into MAC!!!
The newly opened outlet.. bright lighting and NEW Collection!!! Frankly, I haven't been following MAC releases... so I was totally clueless about what's the lastest collection and then I saw this...
(Click to enlarge the pic)

MAC Styledriven Collection for Fall 2011 -
16 Prolong eyeshadow shades -  (I was so lost that I didn't know which one to get..good thing was that this is a permanent collection - I can get it anytime I want!)

After I pick one shade and made payment (thinking to myself that I'm being a good girl... and when I walk over to the over side of the store.. I saw the huge collection of "MAC Me Over"!!!!)

I was kinda interested in some of the shadesticks... hmmm...

I forgot to took a close up of the quad in the above pic :(

Close up on the quad ..

And the Fluidlines...
(Top L to R : Dark Diversion and Midnight Blues)
(Bottom L to R : Avenue and Dark Envy)

Check out the full colllection at temptalia
Midnight Blues and Dark Envy look rather similar(just abit darker) to the previous limited editon of Ivy and Siahi )
All the testers were NEW or near mint condition.. because they just open/displayed yesterday!!!!!!!
I damaged the Avene fluidline :b
Anyway... I didn't have a swatch fest yesterday... I just swatched the one I think I will like... Aiya.. too much "sleek" ... most of the shades were dupable. (I just get the one that I think I will use often cos I love MAC shadows cos it don't crease badly on me)
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
And guess what I bought home???

Outre eyeshadow from the MAC me over collection (Price: SD$28)

This is a matte finishing and the color was quite strong and pigmented... this look like a nice crease/transition color ... my SOBA is almost finishing!!!! (I love soba.. that was a satin finishing and it go so well with any colors)

Swatches with various lighting...

MAC Pro longwear Plush eyeshadow (satin finishing) Price: SD$39

swatches in various lighting...

MAC Me Over - Avenue Fluidline .. A Charcoal black with gold pearlized pigments (it look more like black browisholive gold) (Love at first swatch- lolx)
Price: SD$28

This look rather similar to MAC Blackline pearlglide eyeliner!! Blackline is a black base with moss green shimmers, where Avenue is a Charcoal black base with bronzy gold(?) shimmers.

Swatches in various lighting and comparison swatch with MAC PearlGlide eyeliner in BlackLine

That's all for now ^,~