Thursday, August 04, 2011

Latest Anna Sui Perfect Mascara and Fall 2011 Collection

Anna Sui 2011 latest fall collection is focusing on simple clean faces and defined eyes.
From the press release:
Anna says, “Increasingly, in Asia, I see women creating interesting eye looks and I wanted to give them something to play with that answers all their needs.

To say that women adore beautiful eyes would be a severe understatement. But with this season’s clean and stunningly effortless eye looks, how can women get more impact from their makeup? With their eyelashes, of course!

Spectacular curl, shocking volume and lush fullness are just a few of the coveted qualities women want to see in their eyelashes.

Anna Sui Perfect Mascara [Price: SD$ 41]


The Formula
->> Smooth wax and light oil combine for a creamy, gliding liner.
->> Coating ingredients create a sealing effect that adheres the vivid pigment to the skin thus preventing creasing and smudging.
->> Sweat, oil, sebum, tear, and water-resistant formula remains vivid and freshly applied all day (and night!).
->> With just one swipe, eyes become bigger, dramatic, and unforgettable.

The "dot" swatches was swatched by Sophia (I find that it way better then my "line" swatches.. so took some pics off her hand)

Anna Sui Lash Amplifying Mascara [Price: SD$41]

Anna Sui Eyebrow Color Compact [Price: SD$41]

Last Week, Sinkid organize a get together with Anna Sui peoples to preview the upcoming Anna Sui 2011 Fall Collection at a little place called "arteastiq" (I didn't took a pic of the surrounding as there are other customers in the house.. not too nice to snap snap snap..right?)

But I love the cozy-ness of this place and they have some really interesting teas/drinks
I have Raffles [Earl Grey tea n Champagne vanilla Gelato with Red bean mochi]
Part of their drinks menu..


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