Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Watsons Health Wellness & beauty Awards 2011 - Shiseido Masstige brands "Beauty Scene Investigation" + Promotion

Week ago, attended an odd but creative event: "Beauty Scene Investigation", organized by Shiseido MassBrands, to celebrate the winning on various Watsons HWB 2011 Awards.

Check out the invitation card!!!

I feel odd because.. it a crime scene and someone was out there killing makeup products in the so called "Beauty County" (I think it's Watsons?) and those survivor were places at a safe house called "Beauty Room"(Shiseido Masstige brands' Beauty Haven). The survivers are those who won the various Watsons HWB Awards 2011.

Close up on the map of Beauty County (AKA: Watsons?)

It's abit confusing because we donno who's the serial killer and donno what's the motives for "killing" beauty products?
Check out the crime scene!!!!

The poor piggy!

Was it because the murderer hate sucky products that cause him/her a bad "face" day? (I love Crime related shows, but this was just abit hard to digest. "survivor = winner = killer"??? lolx)
Let's move on to happy place.. The survivor haven "Beauty Room"

After checking out the "Beauty Room" we move over to DIY our own foundation casing... here are some "Pretty" examples...

And my DIY.. (very the simple right? Kekekekee~)

Let check out who won!!!
(Shiseido Masstige brands includes Za, Majolica Majorca, Aqualabel and Tsubaki.)
->>>> Za Skin Beauty 2 way foundation

->>>> Za True White Plus 2-way foundation (Review)
More details on the foundation (click click)

->>> Za Concealer Perfection
(I didn't use this often to give a good review, I keep forgetting to use concealer when I applying my makeup)

Here are the swatches/texture of the concealer...

->>>>Za Everbrow

->>>> Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner

This is my fave color liquid liner!!! (Bought a various of shades)

->>>> Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus mascara(waterproof) (Review)

This is my all time fave Majolica Majorca Mascara!

->>>> Majolica Majorca Jewelling Eyes

->>>> Aqualabel White Clear Foam Cleanser

More details on Aqualabel (Click Click)

->>>> Tsubaki Damage Care Range (Click Click)

There is not much different on the winning as compare to last year HWB Awards.. (Click Click)
Sharing and Promotion
Remember the survivor's hidout AKA Beauty Room? It open for public to enjoy all the beauty treatments...Just call or email to book appointment (Check out below for the list of treatments and prices)

Exclusively promotion at Watsons from 28th July to 24th August 2011

Special Collaboration with Empire State

Alright, back to the event... after DIY the foundation case... we all headed over to Empire State @ Bugis Illuma for our dinner...

And makeup demo using Majolica Majorca products..

And the foods... Do note that the portion of each dishes(except the soup- which was pretty normal) are quite HUGE!!! (Very reasonable pricing!)

The brownies with ice-cream serve on a hot pan was "Heavenly"
I'm not a sweet tooth person, but I love the cold and "hot"(not warm) combos. The brownies was hot, moist and tight(?!?) (awww.. not good at description!!!!)

Look out for my next entry on the 1-for-1 promotion deal...