The Bow Wow Steamcream

STEAMCREAM - Simple Quality skincare freshly handmade in Japan for face, body and hands. Suitable for all skin types.

Currently there are only 6 designs available at Singapore BHG Clementi and Bugis.[Pic taken from streamcream fbpage)
Price: SD$25.90 (75g)
I have to choose Bow-Wow.. cos it's too cute to resist!! (kekekeke.. )

The size was just right... not too small or BIG..

Streamcream is the latest concept in skincare.
High quality, natural and traceable raw ingredients are bound by a steam-infused process to create a hydrating, easy absorbed and luxurious vegan cream for face, body and hands.

The list of ingredients sound really soothing and hydrating!! Oatmeal, Almond Oil, Lavender oil, Rose Absolute and so on...

Constantly Changing, limited edition aluminum tins give a funcky twist for a quality product.

The cream feel more like a lotion, becos the texture wasn't that thick.
The cream feels moist and abit towards greasy when I first touch it, but once the cream absorbed, it doesn't feel oily. (maybe becos my skin was really DRY?!?!)
These couple of days my left elbow was super dry and itchy... and this cream soothe the itchyness for just one application! (Amazing right??)
Edit: 3rd November 2011
After using the steamcream on and off for afew months, I really like steamcream as intense moisturizing cream on my body.
I only use it when I feel that my body/hand are super dry or tight.
Didn't try this on my face, because I feel that it might be too rich it's just feel abit too rich for my combination skin.
The cream feel really soothing on the skin and once the cream absorbed, skin feel smooth and supple.

Edit on 02 April 2012
On March 2012, I decided to use steamcream everynight on my hands/arms/legs instead of when I feel that I need moisturizer(or rotate with other moisturizers)... wanna test out how this cream feel when used everyday.
I put it on my computer table.. so it easy for me to reach for and use it while surfing the internet/updating my blog(lolx)
I like the light weight texture of this cream, thought it does feel abit greasy when applied too much.
My hand and arms feel really smooth and soft and it not as tight as it use to be(I sleep in AC room).
I love the soothing feel of this cream.
Doesn't clogged pores or causes any skin irritation.
Sometimes, my skin will feel abit itchy after reapplying moisturizer (My skin abit sensitive.. somethings layering might trapped dust and it will cause abit of itchness on my skin)
(I'm using another body moisturizer now - cos I wanna finish it up.. but I still prefer using steamcream, cos it doesn't have the thick body lotion feel after layering, doesn't make my skin itch also!)

Read more about STEAMCREAM on my earlier entry or their facebook Page
Alright.. Who's cuter??
Mǎnmǎn(文文 in cantonese) or Bow-Wow?

Peapea or Bow-Wow??

Of cos Mǎnmǎn and Peapea la (cos they are "alive" :b)!!! Buibui?? She hide her chubby self when she sees me armed with Bow-wow and the camera! lolx

Product was provided/sent by Japalang (The Singapore distributor of streamcream) for reviewing.
I'm not affiliated with the company