Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mentholatum Lip Ice - Sheer Color - Lip Moisturizer

Recently Mentholatum Lip Ice released a series of (3)Sheer color lip balm that will change it color to a natural sheer pink when applied on the lips.

Lip Ice Sheer Color in Strawberry (Price: SD$7.50 @ Watsons SG)
This smell like strawberry essence and the balm is really soft!

Bare lips.. (last week, I had series flu which resulted in painful dry and flakey skin around the nose and lips.. (the skin have fully recovered from dryness but the lips still feel abit dry and flakey)

[Entry on this look - coming up soon]
Lip Ice Sheer Color in Shimmer (Price: SD$7.50 @ Watsons SG)

My bare lips (*again)

Both Strawberry and Shimmer.. feel quite the same on the lips, the color also very similar except that the "shimmer" have pretty magenta glitters which appear more darker on the lips as compare to the "Strawberry"
The Shimmer's glitters wasn't that crazy... it just gave off a very nice pinkish magenta sheen.
When I blot off the lip balm... the pretty pinkish sheen still visible on my lips!!! ME likey... a lip balm that will change the color once applied, keep my lips soft/moisturizing and works like a lip stain!!!!
This work like any other lip balms...maybe just abit more wet/smoother and it have pretty sheen!!!
It does help to relief the tightness/dryness of my flakey lips.. even after I blot off the lip balm, my lips still feel moist.
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