LOTD: The so-called-kawaii : Pinky champagne

A kawaii LOTD focusing more on the eyeliners.I recreated the kawaii look from the K-palette workshop I attended weeks ago (Look B)

I mix Kate Gel shadow in Gold and Pink - On the Lids (Cos I want a Pinkish gold shade) and a light brown shade on the crease. Follow by a droopy eyeliners which connect onto the lower lash line. (The colors look very soft in the pics... but in "real" it was pretty glossy and shimmery)
I'm using the faux lashes, that I received in the goodies bag (from the K-palette's workshop)

Products Used::
->> Biore UV Aqua Rich Sunscreen in SPF 50
->> Clarins Everlasting foundation (shade 101)
->> MAC MSF in Light
->> ESPRIQUE PRECIOUS shading powder (For bronze and highlight)
->> Murad Hybrids Eye Lift Illuminator
(On the under eye area before foundation -I find that it works better applied before foundation)
->> Kate gel shadow in Gold and Pink
->> MAC soba eyeshadow on the crease(not in the [pic above]
->> K-palette 24hrs Tattoo black eyeliner (Waterproof version)
->> K-palette 24hrs tattoo brow's liner in 01
->> Kate Brow's mascara
->> Canmake cheek & Cheek duo blush in shade 02
->> Canmake pressed powder(setting) eyeliner in black
->> Lancome Hypnose Precious Cells
->> Boujois Khol Contour 16hr black eyeliner(on water/tight lines)
->> Bobbi brown Gold glitters liquid liner ontop of the black eyeliner(not in the pic)
[Products in Blue font were provided by the company for reviewing]

I know a long list of products: But I only use half a pump of liquid foundation on my face (trying to avoid putting foundation on my T-zone and forehead - just blend in some leftover.) and then powder/setting my face with MAC MSF.

I have suffered dry flaky lips during the time where I took these pictures. The Lip Ice sheer color lipbalm really moist up my lips and make it feel less tight and painful! (Well... It feel more "oily" then "moisturizing" but not really that oily "oily" just a nice film coating the lips.)

The lip color is the Lip Ice Sheer color lipbalm in "strawberry" that will change color when apply..[Only the above pic is with the lip balm]

Introducing the new comer "mânmàn"(文文 in Cantonese) - She is around 2 to 3mths old - It a huge puppy! :)
[lolx at myself trying my best to force open my eyes where mânmàn's eyes like half shut!]

Thanks for reading <3