Kanebo Freshel White C Cleansing Oil A (Review)

I bought the Kanebo Freshel White C Cleansing Oil A @ Watsons (Price: SD$24.90) last year and I totally forgot about posting this review (this entry have been siting in my draft folder for like 8 months!!!!)

And recently received a bottle of this cleansing oil at the Kanebo Freshel Bloggers event, good... it will refresh my memories on how this cleansing oil feel, so that I can edit and update it.

Kanebo Freshel White C Cleansing Oil A
A cleansing oil enriched with olive oil that melts makeup, keratin plugs and old keratin containing melanin that causes spots and dullness.
Ingredients list...(click the pic to enlarge)
I actually don't mind having "Mineral oil" in cleansing oil... cos it will be washed off after I cleanse off the makeup.

The cleansing oil feel watery not thick (but I love thick texture cleansing oil) and very oily abit oily.
**Edit: Well, this is kinda weird.. the comment I have for the texture was very oily back then, and when I'm using the provided bottle, it doesn't feel as oily as I remember... (*Scratching my chin* Hmmm....O.o?)

Personally, I don't find this cleansing oil cleanse waterproof makeup well.
I love using Fasio and Majolica Majorca mascaras and they are famous for it super waterproof factor and also hard to remove (Oh well, I always find that using a good cleansing oil, it will cleanse off easily)
I put on some "strong" colors, mascara, brow's mascara and liners(liquid/gel and pencil) on the back of my hand.

Apply cleansing oil all over and massage (trying to loosen the pigments)
(No worries.. after this pic, I did added more oil.. cos for photo taking... I dont wanna make a mess on my kitchen floor! lolx)

Add water to emulsify to a milky texture ... but becos of the strong colors.. can't see much of the milky texture...

I put some cleansing oil into a bowl of clean water.. it does emulsify into a milky texture.

Rinse it under running water and after some rubbing...

It doesn't cleanse off mascara, gel liner and the pencil liner.. I still see some pigment left over from the black eyeshadow.
When I use this on my face/lashes... it does melt off Majolica Majorca Mascara.. but I need to do a lot of rubbing(which I hate).
And it doesn't remove Fasio mascara well! Even I double cleanse(using cleansing oil twice) also cannot remove Fasio mascara!

This cleansing oil is good for light and non-waterproof makeup. Suitable for all skin type.
I have combination skin, and love using super waterproof mascara. So personally, don't really enjoy using this.

(Note: Most of the review still base on the product I purchased last year.. I just edit some of the contents and pics)