Monday, July 25, 2011

Initial review on Bio-essence Celebrity's choice INCHLOSS

Received the the trail kit of the Bio-essence Celebrity's choice INCHLOSS from The SampleStore (I was kinda interested in this type of "heat" firming products.. so this trial kit come in handy and also gave me a rough ideas on how the shower scrub and cream "heat" feels on my body)

The list of ingredients sound so nice, right? Rice, pineapple and ginseng extract.
(I googled "Pineapple extract" cos I really not sure about the benefit for adding this into the products)
The extract made from pineapples (Ananas comosus) has a variety of positive effects on the skin - it promotes skin elasticity while removing dead damaged skin, and improving hydration, moisture and promoting a more elastic and clear looking skin. (Sound really good right? But why dont we see pineapple extract in skincares ingredients often?!?)
Rice is for soothing, hydrating and reduce inflammation. Where ginseng is for firming/anti-aging.
List of ingredients on both products (InchLoss shower scrub and Extra strength Body Cream)

From the trail kit, it mention that 7days -Slims 1/2inch for arms, tummy, thighs and Legs.
I use it on my tummy, thighs and arms.. but these 2 small tubes only last me for 3 days and it was too soon to show any sign of firming or slimming. So I can only do a initial thoughts on these 2 products.
Bio-essence Celebrity's Choice - InchLoss shower scrub

The texture of the InchLoss shower scrub

spread out..

My initial review:
-> The shower scrub melts off quite fast when I rub it on my wet body(But it feel too dry when applied on "dry" body) and resulted in using more products.(That's why this small tube only last for 4 days)
-> It has a soft and sweet strawberry scent.
During the 4th days.. when I ran out of the Extra Strength Cream. I just use the last few drops of the shower scrub on my arms(ONLY)... after shower(about 10 to 15mins later).. I can feel abit of warm sensation on my arms (So this products does give heat sensation.)
According to the ingredients list.. this scrub contains Ginger, Gingeng and caffeine .. which will help in moisturizing, firming and reduce extra water from the body.(I believe using this shower scrub in long run, it does help abit in firming up the body)
Bio-essence Celebrity's Choice - Extra strength Body Cream

The texture of the cream..

Spreading out...

My Initial Review on the Extra Strength Cream
  • The cream have a strong strawberry scent.. which was quite pleasant at the beginning but after awhile, it kinda overwhelming(lolx)... the scent does linger on the skin for a long time.
  • The cream feel smooth and absorb quite fast into the skin... which I don't fancy much because, I have to use more products to do all the massaging and it will start to feel kinda "heavy" on my skin.
  • Doesn't feel oily

  • The first time I used this cream, I only use a reasonable amount and when the cream aborbed, I stop massaging too... so I do not feel any heat/warm sensation at all.. except my thighs(I guess because I was wearing tights and the warm stimulate the heat???)

  • On the 2nd and 3rd days... I do feel warm/heat sensation.. it was really hot but not burning type of hot(I do not sweat or anythings)... my skin didn't turn red or have any sensitive reaction to it (which is a good sign) but.....

  • After using both products together for 3 days.. I do not loose any inches, but gain 1/2 inch on my tummy, thighs and arms!!!! After I stop using the products.. it reduce back to normal.

The only explaination I can give was that ::
All the heat sensation have caused my skin to swell hence the expand of size? (I guess if you have sensitive skin.. have to take extra caution when using "heat" stimualted products.)

Or maybe after using it for 7days... when all the swelling had seized together with all the fats/water in the body.... I will see visible result?

Do take note::  
I didnt do anything extra when I'm using both of the products.
Because, I wanna see whether the products works. If I start to change my diet and do more excerises - then the result might be vary because of my extra working out and not because of the products.

Anyway, I do read positive results from various bloggers... so I guess, different body have different reaction to the products. Do try out the trail kit from SampleStore/Bio-essence facebook pages to see whether this products work for you.

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