Friday, July 01, 2011

Canmake Glossy Holic Lips

Canmake Toyko (Singapore) released 2 new Glossy Holic Lips in shade #5 and #6, not so long ago together with 2 new LE shades of "Four Shiny Eyes" shadow quad (Click here for swatches)

Canmake Glossy Holic Lips an all in one, Moisturizing and Sun protection lip gloss

Swatches of shade #05 and #06

The lip gloss was pretty thick and sticky. Not like those watery type of gloss which will wear off easily after a few "licks".(I tend to lick my lips when I'm wearing somethings on my LIPS, even lip balm(lolx)) The finishing is super glossy - almost like "glass type" of refection.(refer to the lips's swatches taken without flash)
My bare lips...

Glossy Holic Lips #05 beside my bare lips

Shade #05 milky pink.. when swatched on the lips, it kinda brighten up the lips with a hint of pink tint. The gold glitters were not chunky at all.

My lips was pretty dry when I'm doing these swatches... and the lip gloss was moisturizing enough to cover my dry lines (I feel like I have applied a super think layer of cream - make my lips feel supple and moist). It also even out my uneven lip's color.
Glossy Holic Lips #06 beside my bare lips

By looking at the tube... I really like how Shade #06 look - milky orange. But after swatching both on my lips, I prefer Shade #05, it gave my lips a healthy glow of pink tint and the coverage is much better.

I didn't wear the lip gloss out for long, just around an hour or so....
  • Look nice and fresh right before I cleanse it off.
  • Sticky factor : Feel the same as any other lip glosses
  • Moisturizing