Sunday, July 17, 2011

CANMAKE first girly, pop & shiny party

Last month, attended the CANMAKE first Girly, POP & Shiny Party along with Sara and Sarah @ Grand Park City Hall Hotel.

A room full of makeup!!!!
Cezanne (I will be reviewing the pressed foundation soon)

Various interesting hair styling products!

I like this one.. but I hardly use any....(lolx.. I dont like to comb my hair using brush or comb)


CANMAKE eyeliners collection.. (click click)

I love this makeup-stand!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

The event started with introduction of the company(Teeni Enterprise)...

Follow by Ms Kaori Anzai(CANMAKE Overseas Sales Chief) introducing CANMAKE and their latest and newest Tokyo Summer Trend 2011 makeup products.

Overseas CANMAKE outlets

The latest trend would be...

Right now the Shading powder only come in 2 shades (#01 and #02). CANMAKE will release a limited shade #03(which is the lightest shade)

Not all the Crack Lac Nails are out in the store yet, but we got to try it out at the party...
I find that applying crack polishes over a glitters base... makes the cracks more "cracking"(?!?!?!)

A group pic with Kaori (Blur~ lolx)

Kaori and me ^_^

And the cute little goodies bag we received...

Will do swatches/reviewing in another entries...