Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sunsilk Silky Smooth & Manageable Series

Earlier this month, Sunsilk Singapore and The SampleStore invited afew bloggers to attend their small and cozy bloggers session at Vivo's Ben & Jerry's.

That day... I wasn't at my best self as I just suffered a case of eczema attacked on one of my eyelids the night before (I woke up with grumpy mood! lolx) But luckily, I still have "Thebodyshop wisewoman eyecream".. it's soothe and calm the angry and itchy bumps(phew~ else I will have to miss the event.. cos, no one will look good with swollen eye!)

Anyway, back to the session... I believe most of you have heard or try Sunsilk products before right.. And this year, SunSilk team up with hair experts and stylist to created a new and improved version of their haircare products!

This Sunsilk bloggers session is all about the Sunsilk Silky Smooth & Manageable series (Pink)... It's all about "Straight Hair"

OK.. so here are the brand and products stories...(Click on the pic to enlarge)

(I feel like trying the new Sunsilk Weather Defence (blue) series... sound NICE.. lolx)

(Side Note: I'm a super lazy blogger(lolx).. So I just copy pasted from the "release" I received... easy for me, easy for you to read too! kekeke.. I know excuses  :Þ )

After all the information of the "shampoo"... it's ICE-CREAM time!!! We got to DIY our own ice-cream.. but I didn't have much mood in joining the fun(sleepy + tired) lolx... so I just let the person to do it for me after I choose the flavours... somethings simple...

Elfaine and Meeeeee....

And the goodies.....

Mini review::
I've tried the shampoo, conditioner and hair mask... (I used them mostly after I bleach/Dye my hair) My hair have been so dry and hard to lather when it's wet.. so I just apply conditioner on my hair first to soften the hair, follow by shampoo and hair mask...(I only do these steps on the first 2 days after bleaching/dye)

My hair doesn't feel dry when it was dry.. only very hard to manage when it's wet ... the result of bleaching the hair! (Lost of moisture on the hair strands)

3rd day onwards.. my hair doesn't feel that dry when my hair is wet... I just shampoo and follow with either hair mask/conditioner (But I prefer the mask.. cos conditioner doesn't do much help in soften my wet and super hard to manage dry hair)

While using shampoo/conditioner/hair mask... My hair do feel smoother and softer (Do remember that I hardly use conditioner/Hair mask in the past... mostly once a week or twice a month... lolx)
I start using the shampoo only (before I bleached/dye my hair).. the oil control was pretty good, my hair feel light and clean, doesn't oil up very fast!

After I dye my hair, using the shampoo with hair mask/conditioner... does make my hair feel moist.
So this series is suitable for Dry to Oily hair! Especially the hair mask - very suitable for Dry hair!