Shu Uemura Color Aterlier pan shadows, brow pencil and Avène

I have been thinking about getting a reddish brown brow's pencil to go with my new hair color(which already faded.. oh well... it still look far from my original hair color! lolx) and the brand, Shu Uemura pop into my head... so was afew of my lovely friends recommendation.

All Shu Uemura products... except the Avène Rebalancing Soothing emulsion (I got that for my mum...because of the careless mindless me)

Shu Uemura #03 Brown (hard formula) brow's pencil
Price: SD$35.00

NO swatches... cos the color don't come out easily when I swatch it on the skin(back of my hand), but rather nice on the brows!(Loving these type of brow's pencil!)

Shu Uemura cream shadow in White (I have been wanting a white matte cream shadow and Shu Uemura have it ^__^)
Price: SD$40

I will add in swatches later, as the lighting not really good NOW(it's 5plus  in the morning!! Yawn~)
Ingredients list for the White(Matte) cream shadow (Click to enlarge the pic)

Last but not least... how can I not get any of the new Shu Uemura Color Aterlier refill shadow pans right??
Price: SD$22 (Click for more information on the Color Aterlier)

Swatches coming up....
The ingredients list for the pressed shadows(click to enlarge the pic)

Avène Rebalancing Soothing emulsion Price: SD$30.50

This emulsion feel really nice... it have a soft and satin finishing(not sticky)

That's all for this little hauling....